How to deal with negativity……. or negative people….

Hello friends , i hope you are doing great 👍.

It’s Sunday , and today my hearts speak out loudly my heart thoughts to you all .

Well , today my topic is basically about how to not get affected by negativity arounds you .

I know , we cannot control someone’s thoughts so best way to get rid of those negative thought is to give best possible reply by your actions rather than your words .

Sometimes silence at a moment and best outcome give more powder full reply .

Mostly , negativity is not about always giving a harsh statement but some people showed you this with most soften words.

It’s doesn’t mean that person is wrong , and had the habit of making other disappointed .

But , sometimes it happens that you never got to know how your words affect someone’s life .

The reason is because they don’t realises their situation and don’t get that kind of atmosphere .

Because , if you find same response then only you get to know how little taunts and issues adversely affect someone nature and peace of mind .

I personally feel that sometimes our own failure and frustration and anger, fear dominate ourself and that all emotions becomes a negative energy that feel satisfaction by complaining , criticising and demoted someone’s self esteems .

So , don’t allow your peace of mind to be drained by someone’s negativity.

Here are few tips to deal with negativity or negative people :

👍firstly , analyse your circle and find out that from where a negativity is growing to your life .

When you analyse then get detached to that person as his major concern to make you feel angry and depressed on his own fake assume regarding you.

👍be calm and ignorance are best ways to deal with negative people because until you don’t give response their negativity block with themselves only .

👍 learn to smile to their predictions and statement as you know their intuition is just to ruin your confidence and healthy life.

👍sometimes be straight to the point and ask them some positivity from their life.

Like , what good deeds happens to them and all.

👍stay detached to their presence and to their talks about negative dramas.

Don’t indulge with them .

👍 be enthusiastic and put your energy into positive thoughts and emotions.

👍 when negativity is around you , ask your mind to stop focusing on that’s point .

👍 practice yourself to get feel confident and positive about everything about you as your confident persona become block for negativity.

👍 take your time and heal out all your negativity hearing from your mind , and only think about good people and good things regarding your life .

👍 sometimes you should ask them to no being so negative every time .

As may be your positive words too may affect a change in them .


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