Breakfast party 🎉

Today my morning starts in kitchen by making some snacks for breakfast party for my fathers friends..

It’s such a pleasure to cook for them, even my young baby wakeup with me to help me😂 who is 1year.

I found my father very lucky that he has a great group of friends here, with whom he can enjoy this phase of life very lightly because this is a time when peoples are mostly goes through a rough time with lots of stress.

God bless them all☺️.


Life is uncontrollable so love should be unconditional 😎😍

Hello friends , today i was thinking that there is nothing that we can control like life , air , water 💦.so why when we are in love want to control the persons choices , desires priorities .

Yeah thats true , that its human nature that when we feel something for someone we naturally start expecting something in return.

But if we realise what actually love is about .

It’s not about doing something just for that sake that you have to because for love.

Love always should be for establishing strength in your loved ones .

I always wanted to be the reason for smile and all for good reasons .

Sometimes it’s actually difficult to analyse what we actually want and what we actually get in reality,, unnecessarily expectations leads to disappointment in any relations.

Love should be pure, without any condition.

  • Give your hundred percent in your relationship.
  • Do small things that you want to celebrate with him.
  • Small love notes do magic .
  • Never leave in a argument , lets finish it.
  • Sometimes , tell your hard truth about your relation, its good to share what you actually think.
  • Be yourself ,, never try to impress by someone else personality.

I,me and my self..

Hello friends , today lets talk about ourselves only, mostly we all forget ourself.

When we all have rights to be happy, we should always believe in ourself and do the things that give you satisfaction ..

Always I don’t mean to be a mean words as it focused on yourself happiness… its should be taken in a positive aspect that give you a peace of mind .

Your inner strength and weakness are based on how you treat yourself ,,, there are few thoughts that may help you get recognise ur inner self side :

  • Never do or say positive response to things that unacceptable by your heart.
  • Sometimes realise what makes you more happy a quantity or quality of life.
  • Always believes in yourself like i can and i will.
  • Never hesitate in accepting new approach in your life.
  • Learn to loves💗 youself.

Be positive towards your actions .

So friends be more positive towards your self , pamper yourself and in reality this is one life thats an auspicious gift of god ,, so utilise it more in giving happiness to your soul rather than running for illusionary world…

So be believe in i, me and my

Cherishing news….

Hi friends today i m feeling really happy for my friend who tell me about there very first pregnancy news…its such a awwh moment when someone got to know about there pregnancy.

This news bring precious smiles to all people who belongs to you,, 😊

  • So there are few tips for new mommy’s to be :
  • happy and cherish these days.
  • 2.drink plenty of water .
  • 3.make a routine of diet .
  • 4. Add more fruits to your diet.
  • initial days rest more and after second term walk more.
  • 6.go for regular checkups.
  • 7.give priority to your health and baby. These are few tips from my side to all my dear mommy’s to be , be happy your smile bring smile to your baby’s face.😊

His last blessings ….

Hello friend , i have been gone through some painful incidences that makes me anxious towards the pattern of life.

In last October i planned to go my mothers house to stay for few days . I thought its always better to take some break as it gives some kind of peace and a fresh mind .. so i was getting in to my car with my kids and i was just about to go ,, then suddenly my grandpa from inlaws side came to me nd said dnt go its better to stay here only.. in a very calm nd friendly nature .

I smiled and said that i will be back soon ,,, nd take blessings from him and went to my mothers house..

On somepiont i was feeling that i should stay there only then i thought i am going just for few days ,, there was no problem everything is going to be fine .

Then , after one day only i got a call from my husband that grandpa got a brainstorming attack ! ,, and i was so shocked and shattered that I cannot tell from what phase i was going through.

How life changes within seconds ,, grand pa is no more ,, he was hospitalised for few days and there he left us without saying anything …

i always have a regret that I should listen him and atleast stay one day with him.

So always give your time , care and concern to all those who are always for you😊

Best instant glow mask

Hi frds ,, i have tried something very effective on my face . In this world of cosmetology,,, i think home remedy work wonders.. as it has no side effects.

So today i am going to tell you a very simple remedy for glowing skin 😊.

So thing that you require are

Rice 🍚 powder


Milk or curd


These are the only thing that you require.

So ,take a bowl nd mix all the given item into a smooth paste and keep it for 10-15 min then rub it with soft hands nd am sure you will find it magical 💕


Milk n curd is optional , either use milk if you have dry skin ,, and if you can use curd.

Back to happinesses

Hi frds its been long time that i write something but again i am fullfilled with some more postive energy to startup thing …. i think sometimes a nap or break give you time to analyze what makes you happy actually…. so tats all my place where i got a chance to express my unspoken thoughts through words😊

So all the best to mee hope to have a great journey 🙏