How to deal with exams pressure …..

Exams basically a scary thing that mostly students think..the more you fear the more it make you scared.

Firstly , just forget about your marks as they don’t predict your capabilities.

But believe in yourself and learn the things thoroughly .

Relax your mind and be concerned towards your goal and don’t keep sitting for hours due to fear of exams.

Meditate for few times and make your mind clear that your aim a long process .

Feel free to discuss your pressure with your parents and teachers.

Let them know your fear … if you are not prepared well then still don’t worry , lets take it as surprise exam for yourself.

And be honest to yourself , it’s not necessary to study for non stop hours but more than that , it important that your focus should be on quality I.e how much you get .

How much you understand ?

If you can grab more standardised quality in less time then it’s great .

Never set time for studying purposes , you should set topic that you have to be done .

Few tips to be taken during exams:

📕don’t make exams a horrible approach in your mind .

📕now , set goals to be covered .

📕 follow a well set routine that includes breaks too.

📕always stick to your hobbies as they give you peace of moment .

📕 be attentive during your study experience.

📕be careful towards your health to as healthy mind focuses more.

📕take proper sleep too , as it refreshed your minds stability.

📕 don’t focus to cover everything if you don’t have much time , focus more what ever you already know.

📕 it’s always better that you keep revising your syllabus.

📕 make key points for every chapter .

📕don’t skip your daily study routines.

📕take exams as your situation identifier, like it helps to know you where you are lack and where you are doing great.

📕 take help from teachers and friends in discussing difficult topics.

📕 practice more rather then relying only on formulas.

📕you can study with some soft music too.

🙏 I hope it’s useful for you.

How do to recover after delivery

Becoming a mother is basically most amazing feeling for every women , it’s a step towards new journey of motherhood.

It’s completely new experience for every women , and believe me its totally a unique journey for every single mother as every baby is unique their needs and behaviour is different.

So , it’s basically about going to have a non stop 24*7 days job for you so it’s really very necessary for you to recover your delivery phase well so that you can do your job at your best .

As if you yourself not able to recover your situation of health then it would be really difficult for you to take care of baby .

So , first utilise your time now for your health so in rest you can input it towards your baby’s care .

So first of all ,

Things you should take care after delivery 🙂

👍 Rest is an ultimate dose for your body to take after delivery. It’s a perfect time to heal yourself by taking long naps and making yourself feel free to rest .

👍 secondly ,is basically to have a very healthy appetite as now you have to feed too so your diet must be very healthy and very digestive too .as you walk less during that phase so mostly digestive meal you should take .

👍 thirdly, you must intake lots of fluids of hot water and milk .

👍 take small walks during morning and evening.

👍 always choose to stay in sunlight during morning as it’s a source of vitamin D.

👍expect the blood discharge after delivery for minimum 40 days , the flow can be heavy or sometimes low and colour may changes from red to brown and clots too but don’t take them as worry it happens .

👍 you must go for more fibre foods that help you digest your intake .

👍take proper calcium and iron in your diet.

👍now , be polite and ask for help from your family members to help the kid and cook for you .

👍 don’t sit for too long times as it may lead you back pain as body is very sensitive after delivery .

👍best thing to do after delivery is to take naps as baby takes.

👍 have warm meals that help you to soothe your stomach.

👍relax your lower body and if you find swollen and red stitches then go for doctor.

👍 to avoid constipation drink 6-8 glass of Warm water .

👍 take vegetables soups and boiled cereal.

👍take papayas and chikoo in your diet .

👍 don’t take regular bath until doctor suggest .

👍 ask for a good massage by some trained person .

Things you should avoid after delivery are 🙂

👎 alcohol: you should totally avoid the intake of alcohol after delivery as it can be worse for your health.

👎 caffeine:you should not take caffeine too much after delivery it is also bad for health.

👎 don’t drive after delivery at least wait for 15 days .

👎avoid intimacy with your partner at least for 40 days in normal delivery.

Foods you should take after delivery are 🙂

🍎 milk intake must be increased as it helps you to full fill your calcium and boost breast milk .

🍎 masoor (lentil) dal also helps you to boost breast milk and very easily digestible and enrich in proteins.

🍎 zucchini and spinach curry recipes .

🍎 after 1week take ghee in different recipes .

🍎 include jeera (cumin)ajwaian and dry fruits to your meals .

🍎 eat dates .

🍎 6-8 glass of warm water .

I hope these things help you little bit .

Thanks for reading .

Note : information is based on personal experiences .

You should go for doctors advice for any important issue.

🍠🍠Easy and healthy Food 🥘recipes for toddlers 🥣🥣🍎🍎

Well , after completing six months baby can be severe with new healthy meals that are good for toddlers growth .

Basically , all new mommies are feel curious and confused to know what to give , how to give and when to give .

Being a new mother your concern is true too .

So we are here basically with few food hacks that’s are very easy and at the same time very healthy for toddlers :

1.🥗 apple purée

So all you need is one apple 🍎 now just peel off the apple

And cut it into 4 pieces and remove seeds .

Now , stream it for 5-10 min as it got soft cool it and grind it into purée.

Now …👍 serve to your baby .

It is great source for digestion and it’s very healthy.

2.🥗 cereals purée

All you need is two three types of cereals like:moom ki dal , masoor ki dal , and green lentils .

Now soak them for half hour.

And now fry it with one take tablespoons ghee in jeera and hing (for gastric issues)

And add triple amount water of cereal you take .

Add little turmeric and little salt .

Now , cook it for 2 whistle of pressure cooker .

3🥗 semolina kheer :

All you need 🙂

2 table spoon semolina.

1little spoon ghee

1/2 spoon sugar

One glass milk

Now , process is 🙂

Firstly , fry semolina in ghee until it get brown , then pour milk into it and boil it for 10 min .

See the consistency , as it should not be too thick nor too liquid , I mean it should be in appropriate proportions for your baby .

Then , add little sugar into it .

🥣 it is great source for weight gain of baby.

4.🥗porridge and daliya :

All you need is : green lentils 1table spoon.

Rice one tablespoon

Daliya one tablespoon .

Now , roast three of them for few min .

Now boil it with triple quantities of water .

Add little turmeric and salt for taste .

Keep checking it , boil it until it becomes soft.

Now , serves it .

I hope you guys like to try these recipes and may be your baby enjoy it too .🙏🙏🙏🙏

👶👶👶👶How to increase the appetite of fussing baby’s…..👶👶👶👶👶

Now ,more than 50 percent of the mothers are going through with one common problem that is ” our kid don’t eat anything?”.

Well , that’s true too ,where mothers wishes to full fill to build an healthy diet for their kids , but kids refusing their meals .

And for every mother , it’s a very big concern .

As due to Poor appetite , baby’s immune system get affected and their growth also slow down .

And mostly easily grabbed by sickness.

And their body is easily influenced by deficiencies.

Inspite mother’s differed trial techniques of making baby eat getting failed .

So , firstly we should find out the causes of low appetite of your body 🙂

👶 due to illness and pain , it may b possible that if your child’s diet vary that may be because of sickness and his heart , is not taking food.

👶 due to zinc deficiency in baby’s body .

👶 due to poor physical activities , also there is low diet because of baby don’t put some effort on his body then how the hunger feeling come .

👶 due to too much dependency on milk products also , the demand for solid foods decrease.

So it would be better to set a limit of milk during meals routine.

👶due to kids fond for junk foods also fills their stomach . And after having chips and chocolate , their need for nutritious foods decline .

👶indigestion and gastric issues may also reason for less appetite.

👶intestinal worms can also a reason for low appetite .

👶 one more reasons can be a picky and choosy kid that goes for only few selected foods only .

So these are few reasons that are consequences of the low appetite among the kids.

Now , after knowing these reasons , we will definitely work on few necessary things that will help us to attain a healthy and effective change in babies appetite .

So here are some things you have to do 🙂

🌽 don’t stick with this issue that he /she is not eating , just make sure that kids are only taking that much he required.

🌽 include zinc containing food items to the meals of baby .

For example :nuts , spinach,mushrooms, pumpkin seeds etc .

🌽never skip a break fast of baby as it help in increase in metabolism that increase appetite.

🌽 try new innovative food recipes to attract kids.

🌽offer something after every 2- hours.

🌽restrict junk food at home .

🌽add yoghurt or curd to kids meals.

🌽 use kitchen products that help in gastric and indigestion problems like hing , ajwain , jeera and saoof to your food recipes.

🌽 peanuts are really booster of appetite .

And still you find that your baby is constantly on decline mode and losses his weight then you should go for a good doctor that may find out exact reason and advise some medication help to boost appetite of baby .

note:information is based upon personal experiences .

🙏 hope you guys it helpful if yes then pleasereview.

How to take care of weak kids 👶👶👶

Well , “weak kids” are basically those whose appetite is low and who mostly grabbed by sickness , whose growth and immune system is easily get affected by flu, viruses and infections.

And their weight is always under the required weights according to age.

It’s really sad to watch out kids suffering from sickness and you worries multiply when you see that kids are not getting enough supplements due to poor appetite.

Weakness stays along with them , they easily get tired and leg cramps are mostly become their health issues.

And due to weakness , kids are becoming annoying and frustrated , they easily get angry and cried for no reasons .

Their , internally weakness makes them more irritated.

They ignore playing , and opt for watching television more and phones.

As their physical strength easily slow down .

It’s really important for parents to get out their kids from this weakness phase and improve their health issues.

Firstly , recognition of the weak kids :

🔴 kids whose are always underweight as per their age.

🔴 kids who easily fall sick due to minor change in weather.

🔴 kids whose appetite is very low as per age requirement.

🔴kids who cry a lot due to unnecessary reasons.

🔴 kids whose immune system is very weak .

🔴kids who easily get tired by any physical activities.

🔴 kids , who mostly complain leg pains.

So , these are few signs that may help you identify that your kid is a weak kid.

So , it’s basically a concern , as if today’s growth is poor then how we could expect a healthy growth in future .

So , it’s better to work today on health of you kid so that definitely tomorrow of your kid will remain healthy.

Now here are few tips that will help your kid to grow and Becomes healthy as well :

🔵 try new healthy diet and new recipes for your change the dish taste and texture by transforming same ingredients to something healthy and tasty for your kids choice.

🔵 ask your kids to do physical activities so , automatically they will start feeling hungry by performing hard work.

🔵serve more fruits and vegetables by mixing boiled vegetables in chapatis and fruits with boiled purred.

🔵consult with kids specialist about the causes of weakness it may be due to premature baby’s birth and it can be because of flopping kids that relay on milk bottle feeding and avoid eating .

🔵add semolina kheer and other recipes to your list , it helps in increasing baby’s weight andgrowth.

🔵keep offering little meals to your kids either they feel hungry or not .

🔵 take your kids for walk and allow them to do physical activities so that by utilities their energy they may start feel hungry.

🔵 you should full fill all nutrition that are required as per their age .

🔵 porridge , chapatis, bread, semolina , fruits , vegetables and dry nuts and seeds should be included their food routine.

🔵sometimes don’t force them , just let themselves go for food.

Few food hacks you can use for your kids meals:)

🥗 boil vegetables and grind them into purée , now you can use that purée in making dough .

Now , here you can make veggie roti , paratha and poori, what ever your kid ask for .

🥗 take semolina and now fry it with little ghee and now make kheer (dessert) .

It’s really healthy and great for weight gain of kids.

🥗 take green lentil 2tablespoon and now add 2tablespoon gruel (daliya ).

Now , fry them with few cumin seeds in oil, now boil with adequate water (mix turmeric and salt as per salt )

Until it cooked soft.

If you guys like then please reviews then I will bring more recipes.

How to improve the immune system of baby 👶 💪🏻

As the weathers changes , being a mother your concern rises for your baby’s health .

Is your child too get easily affected by the non toxic environment ?

Is you baby mostly get sick ?

Is cold and flu mostly grab your toddler ?

If , your answer is yes , then surely there is a weak immune system of baby that causes infections again and again .

So , to battle with virus and bacteria , you should work on rebuilding your baby’s immune system so that growth of baby don’t affect due to sickness .

Being a mother , I myself concern about my babies health , as they too easily grabbed by cold and cough in every weather .

So , lets together help each other to take few tips to make the baby’s immune system strong :-

💪🏻 the most important thing that help your kids to boost their immune system is severing fruits and vegetables to your kids in various ways so that they easily consume them .

Fruits and vegetables are enriched in vitamin c that helps to boost baby’s immune system.

💪🏻 follow a hygiene routine for yourself and while handling your baby and even teach your kids to use liquid wash for hand wash , the more precaution is work as cure .

💪🏻 always try to set a sleep routine for your kids , as taking rest is also help your baby to relax their body .

💪🏻and if you are breast feeding your baby then , it’s really good for baby as mother’s milk is work well for baby’s health .

It has capability to fight against virus and bacteria.

The very first milk of a mother , which is yellowish is work magical for babies .

💪🏻 look around that , the environment should be toxic free . As infections can be transmitted from breathing .

So , providing a good healthy environment is a good way to boost your baby’s immune system.

Now , here are few preventable tools that you can use :

🍎 give your baby a nutritious diet.

🍏 you can ask paediatric for nutritional supplements , that help to build immunity.

🍎 vaccines you baby timely to avoid inconvenience and sickness .

🍏 a healthy mental attitude also help to serves healthy meals.

🍎 by providing a healthy and clean environment.

🍏exercising or playing also helps body to attain immune system.

I hope these tips , may work for you too .

Now , lets get know what food we should give our kids that help to build strong immune system :

🥦 broccoli is enriched in vitamins so you should introduce to your baby’s meals .

🥜 almonds are great sources of omega 3 fats that helps to kill germs back .

🍥yoghurt also a good source for healthy immunity.

🍠sweet potatoes are also very healthy so introduce them to your kids meals.

🥚eggs is also great for toddlers and kids .

🥗spinach leafy vegetables recipes do wonder for your kids growth.

🥣oatmeal also beneficial for your kids.

Dry seeds are too helpful for them.

Well these are some simple and good thing that we can do to make our kids grow healthy 🙏

Live …every moment

Hello friends , from past few months there are certain thing that changed too furiously that i don’t get time to analyse the thing as these changes or incidents are not in our control..

Life is so unpredictable that our all plan can be failed. Today i am going to share my life experience with you all .

In my family , there is a in laws aunty, who is very active and punctual towards her health care. Full of happiness and she is blessed with every luxury . She is kind and very hardworking women . In her family , her younger daughter was about to marry.

All wedding preparations were held .

Everything was booked. And as it was youngest daughter marriage so everyone want to celebrate it big as it would be last wedding of her kids.

then in between all happy moments and preparation aunty got brain attack in which her half side of body get paralysis.

Some how doctors’ save her life but from last 9 months she is on bed ,,, cant eat , walk , talk ..she just become a body that can’t express her tear too,,😞

After this incidence i got so numb that what should i plan , expect from future when you never know about next seconds.

So just live every moment like it never gonna come and cherish it as you can express it in your own ways.

I hope aunty get well soon ,,, and god gave her strength to battle her disease.

So guys give your love to your love ones , never bring your ego to any relation.

I got a direction from this incidence hope you too understand 🙏

How to attain peace at your work …………

In this busy world hardly people get time to analyse that what’s soothes their mind and what give them immense satisfaction .

In handling jobs and tasks , there is a loss of peace to their mind .

Things that are performed don’t giving a joy on their accomplishments.

” every achievement is a illusion if you don’t get peace of your mind .”

Due to work pressure there is a anxiety and curiousness in mind , that tacking with lots of questions regarding your job task .

Due to this , sleep is adversely affected by this Lack of peace .

And again circumstances becomes more adverse .

Firstly , keep calm and visualise your life journey with positivity and peace that can only attain by your positive thoughts.

Don’t run behind everything , hold on your passion and relax your mind .

Everything you do is basically for what ?

Just for you only , so what if you are carrying a stressful life for your self only .

So here are few tips to attain peace at your work

👍firstly , choose your profession of your interest so that your work always keep you interested .

👍 keep your attitude towards gratitude .

👍meditation is best thing to follow as it helps you to attain a significant of your life.

👍 always get prepared you daunted task earlier so that it won’t become burden for you later .

👍take a break from you usual routine , like go for walk , look around your life and people.

👍 be positive rather than complaining all the time .

👍always spent few time for your hobbies

👍 allow yourself to new approaches of your job.

👍 don’t panic on other’s judgments.

👍don’t indulge your conscience to success only , your ultimate success is your happiness and joy .

👍 be patient with you work , as life is full of bad and good be prepared for every phase .

👍 always ignore unnecessary gossip that ruins your minds stability.

👍 accepts your mistakes and full fill weakness into strength .

I hope the information is helpful for you .

If you find helpful then please review.

How to take care of baby during viral fever …..

Well , as weather take a turn then instantly all viruses and bacteria get an alarm to attack around.

It’s a very small change in weather and the consequences are fever and viral fevers .

Mostly toddlers and kids are get affected by this weather changes because of poor immune system .

Now , there is a increase in humidity that causing increase in viruses and bacteria .

And these viruses caused fever , diarrhoea , viral fever etc problem in baby .

It’s really sad to watch the kids from going through these situations .

So firstly let’s recognise the symptoms of viral fever 🤒 in babies:

🤒baby’s temperature is more than 100.1 F , even after giving medicine.

🤒baby also gone through congestion and cold .

🤒 redness in the eyes of the baby .

🤒low appetite of the baby .

🤒 shivering from cold .

🤒 fever stays for 4-5 days continuously on particular time .


🤒Rashes and itching.

If you find these symptoms are matching with your baby’s problem then , it may be a viral fever .

So , you should give shots of flu to your baby and toddlers .

And there are few precautions you must follow during viral fever of baby :

😷 viral fever are suspected by viruses that are transferred from one person to another so always ask people in your family to wear mask if they going through fever .

🤗 always use sanitizer and keep your baby hygiene .

👶keep baby’s environment temperature normal .

👶 use mosquito control gadgets and tools to avoid them .

👶 always give boiled water to the kids .

👶 make your kids wear full sleeved shirt and bottoms when go out for play .

👶 use different ways and food to increase the immune system of your baby .

👶 vaccines flu shots Timely.

So , if we all take these little precautions then at some extent we can save our kids from fever and infections .

And , still if your child still gabbed by the flu then here are some basic things you must follow to avoid inconvenience :

🍎 if you find that baby’s temperature is more than 100.1 F then you must consult paediatric for help .

🍎 keep giving warm water and soup to your baby as it help baby to soothe their sore throat.

🍎 use vapourware for soothing baby’s congestion.

🍎if body temperature is too hot then use wet cloth to cool down body temperature .

🍎 provide ORS to baby to avoid dehydration.

🍎let rest your kid more than usual.

🍎be hygienic in handling baby .

I hope you guys find it helpful 🙏.

How to get clear and healthy skin ….☘️☘️

Hmm …This is the most important topic that we all mostly discuss with each other and try to know , that what we should do to get a clear and glowing skin.

But it is really difficult to get a clear skin nowadays because of pollution and Due to lack of proper care and busy schedule people are unable to take care of their skin .

And , basically depending only on cosmetic items is not the only solution .

I personally always prefer natural thing but nature is only were best friend that have always perfect solutions for our everyday problems .

So , when the problem is about skin , then also I go for natural remedies .

Sometimes , due to lack of proper diet and care , our skin loose the charm and glow that we naturally have .

So here are few tips to take care of your skin :

🌿drink at least two litre water in a day .

🌿avoid oily and junk food .

🌿include more vegetables and fruits to your meals .

🌿eat dry fruits , they enrich your skin.

🌿exfoliate your skin twice in a week .

🌿 use natural products .

🌿 don’t depend too much on artificial cosmetic.

🌿always remove your makeup before you go to bed .

🌿 give you skin time to oxide itself .

🌿 clean your face mostly with raw milk .

So , guys these are small tips that can bring a big change to you skin to more glowing .

With these tips you must try this natural face masks for a constant healthy skin .

So secret recipe for glowing skin is :

Ingredients :

🍓rice powder (1tablespoon )

🍓Coffee powder (1tablespoon)

🍓Rose petals dry (1/2 table spoon crushed into powder)

🍓Curd (1 table spoon)

🍓Lentil powder( 1/2 table spoon)

Now , mix all the ingredients into a smooth paste and apply on your face and neck .[note:for sensitive skin scrub gently]

After 15 minutes , wash your face with lukewarm water .

It’s definitely a magical experience for you all I hope .

It’s worth more than any cream or serums.

If the reviews and outcomes will be good then I will definitely share my new secret recipes soon .

Please read and try .

Janamasthami celebrations 🎉

This year on 3 September 2018 , we are celebrating the birthday of lord krishna .

Basically , on this asthami lord krishna ji take birth (janam ). That’s why it is called Janamasthami.

Whole Hindus celebrates this occasion very specially .

Different kind of sweets are prepared for offering to the krishna ji as bhog .

It is believed that , lord krishna arrived in world on this day to vanish the sinners like kansh .

He came with positive hopes and dreams to create a great world that is correlated with love and sympathy for each other .

There are numerous stories available in Bhagwat geeta of krishna ji where a biography of lord krishna is provided.

Bhagwat geeta is basically a way for positive energy and direction for your life .

It almost includes all solutions of your life .

Devotees are madly in love with krishna ji .

He is like magnet that attracts everything towards them .

The more you think about krishna the more you love him .

I myself a truly blessed devotee of lord krishna .

His bal gopal roop ( kids look) is magical .

I also have his this roop , and he is became part of my life .

That’s how he look :

on this day (Janamasthami) , mostly people keep fasting to please lord krishna and hope for peace and prosperity in their life .

There are two types of fasting people do are :

🎉Nirjal fasting , in this devotees don’t drink and eat anything whole day .they keep worshiping lord krishna mantra and enchanting Bhagwat geeta .

🎉phalahar fasting , in this devotees can drink water and milk and even they can have fruits in afternoon.they also keep worshiping lord krishna ji .

The basic mantra of lord krishna ji :

Om bhagwateh Vashu devay namah :

And fast is completed when you look the moon at night , it’s believed that krishna ji take birth at midnight .so in midnight krishna Ji’s puja is perform and panch amrit is offered to ladoo gopal ji .

His all forms and looks are really soothing to watch .

Little kids are dressed up like ladoo gopal ji .

may krishna bless you all with his love 💕

Happy Janamasthami to alll 🙏

How to make baby sleep easily 😴👶

When you are new in your motherhood journey the thing that most of the mothers face is sleeping issues .

Because babies are unable to depict a specific time for sleeping , and even few babies show little more tantrums to sleep .

So , being a mother it’s really important for you to analyse a particular idea so that you can make baby sleep easily.and now , making now you can utilise your time for other work .

Well , firstly try to find out the reason , that why baby is no sleeping inspite of being sleep ?

Then , after analyses try different ways and trick to soothe baby’s mood and make them sleep .

Analyse the problem of the baby sleep :

👉🏻may be babies tummy is not full and he/she must be hungry can be a reason for not sleeping .

👉🏻sometimes due to constipation also baby feel uncomfortable and cause problems in sleeping.

👉🏻due to improper room temperature , may be room is either too cool or too hot as per baby’s requirement.

👉🏻due to lack of sleep pattern routine.

👉🏻may be due to pee .

Mostly , for infants is basically difficult to recognising the difference between a day and night but gradually after 2-3 months they start observing the routine you provide to them .

And it’s about to providing a proper routine to get in habit of the baby .

Baby more than 4 months start observing the sleeping pattern and they can sleep whole night .

Just feed them in between.

Sleeping is very essential for babies for healthy as well as for brain development of baby .

So here are few tips to make baby sleep easily .

Tips for making baby sleep easily :

👍firstly , always set a sleeping routine for baby .when you create a proper time for every then slowly baby also start adapting the routine and on specific time they will start feeling sleep and may be sleep by their own .

👍 then , feed the baby and fill his tummy .if the baby is hungry then how he/she would sleep , so before making baby sleep checks baby tummy .

One simple trick is : check the lines on baby’s tummy of skin if their are many lines that means baby is hungry .

👍make a healthy room temperature and atmosphere for baby , as it helps baby to soothe their body and give relax .

👍switch off lights and provide a comfortable space for baby , it helps baby to recognise the difference between day and night shift.

👍 let baby play before sleep so that he / she sleeps their own .once , baby get tired after playing their ways then naturally their body starts need rest .

👍 you can use different poems and Lorri to sing for baby and make them sleep easily.

I hope this tips help you to make your baby sleep easily .