Self confidence 

Do you believe in karma…..

Karma is basically known our daily actions. I truly believe in it, because i think that somebody is watching our daily karm,, if we do something wrong nd we have to pay for that in future…nd in our bad time maybe our some gud karm may help ….

Because nothing is worth like money ,status,attitude ,ego..etc only after life these all these things  become worthless,, only our karma remain with us…so just act gud karma’s as god is watching usss …

Love … the motivation 

Everyone has different meanings of word love for few its  life and for some its affection…but rarely anyone can define exactly what love actualy mean…different people have different thought about it.

In my life it means motivation, as it motivate me to keep alive, to laugh when am sad,,its like bandage fr all wounds .

In simple wrds , it make me feel like flying in sky without no reason …😘