Unplanned pregnancy situations

Well , this post is basically belong to lots of women in this world but i myself sharing my experience .

I am a happy mother of two kids and suddenly , life give me a surprise that i don’t expect actually.

It’s about a new life and yeah that’s about a baby.

It’s blessing to have this experience but third time it’s little hurdle as yet i want to focus on my earlier babies.

Me and my partner talk where communication goes too opposite .

Then , finally i decide to have baby .

It’s really complicated to hAndle unplanned pregnancy.


Foods to be introduced for six month baby’s 👶

Six months are a milestone journey for every mother.

First six month are basically very important for babies growth and their dependency is on breast feeding only.

Mostly mother feel eager to introduce new healthy things to their little one .

But , it is said that babies must not given any thing before six months.

As breast milk is the best healthy thing for babies . It contain everything that a baby require.

But after six months , every mother should introduce small soupy meals to their little munchkins.

so here are some recipes that you can introduce to your little munchkin:-

🥗apple purée: all you need is to peel off the apple and stream it until it get soft and then grind into smooth purée. And offer you baby .it is really healthy for you baby’s health.

🥗rice water: boil rice and water together , then filter the rice and now use the filter water to baby .

🥗boiled pulses: mix few pulses like green lentil and masoor and boiled them in a purée form so that your baby can easily intake it .

🥗daliya and porridge can also be introduced but the form should be very smooth and in more liquid form.

🥗 banana shake can also introduce in this phase and it’s really great for baby’s health .

🥗homemade cerelac is also great for young ones to introduce during this phase as it full fill every requirement of baby’s immune system.

These are just introducing recipes as the baby grows to 8-9 month many more recipes are also there to start with .

So happy to see your in future recipes friends 🙏

How breaks makes you feel lazy 😆

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great things in your life .

I really missed my page from past few weeks but due to some time issues i was unable to manage it .

But , not just time issues but taking a break from my blogging routine is a big factor for my ignorance .

Taking unnecessary break bring laziness and stress to mind for developing new ideas and experiences.

Really , even some time i have time i skip things for future where i can do right now .

But now again i will definitely try to be get punctual towards my blogging dream 😍


Hello friends , i hope you all are great in your journey.

So , today’s topic of my blog is basically my heart out.

Firstly , thank you god for this beautiful life where , i can reflect all my passion through my words.

So , coming back to my topic , i know everyone has different perspectives towards the humanity .

But personally I believe that inspite of different perspectives and experiences the motive should be one for everyone.

For me humanity is basically a feeling where you feel everything is equally important , there is kindness in your words , and you know that positivity can do magic.

Your every action may not be helpful for anyone but , in today’s scenario if your action is not even harming someone then it’s humanity.

Believe in goodness of kindness , it gives you positive vibes and peaceful soul.

Always , lets help each other. You never know wh

True love

True love is not about having beautiful things and surprises , but it’s all about having beautiful heart filled with pure love 💕 that know how to make each other happy.

Happy Diwali to all

Hello friends , wish you all a prosperous and healthy diwali 🎉 to you all .

Diwali is basically an Indian festival that mostly celebrated by everyone .

It is a festival of light that bring enlightenment not only to surrounding but to life also .

Diwali is basically celebrated on the success of goodness, and on return of god Ram to their empire back after 14 years.

Personally , diwali is my favourite festival .

I really like everything about it like diyas , lights , rangoli and exchange of sweets.

Basic reason behind this festival is to bring joy together.

One single line ” happy diwali to you ” bring joy to everyone’s face .

And that’s enough for this phase .

Children got super excited about diwali , as they are able to get lots of chocolate gift and crackers.

Even my munchkins loves it .

But I won’t prefer crackers due to pollution and health issues.

But i love lights , it seems like sky come down with shiny stars.

Happy diwali to alll 🙏

How to make relationship more stable 👍

Hello friends, in today’s world there is really a dynamic instability in relationships.

The more you get into relationships , the more you get affected and insecurity arises .

Inspite being too much presence of love and passion in a relation , still people face trust issues , behaviour changed and breakup’s are arising.

Isn’t it really difficult to analyse that how and why situations of relationships becomes so complicated when you hold on for yourself.

So let’s firstly find out some reasons that why relationships don’t stay stable 🙂

➡️due to lack of communication regarding your main issues.

➡️due to poor hold on relationship.

➡️due to lack of time for your relationships.

➡️ due to poor trust building.

➡️ due to bad experiences from past relationships.

➡️ due to surrounding influences too you ruin you relationships .

There are lots of reasons that may affect your relationships and take it to a peer point .

So , now just keep calm and do a self analysis and analyse what you have given in a relationship.

Have you give your best to retain your love ones .

Have you ever think to not give a reaction to undesirable action .

So , its not just one hand clap , if it clapped that’s mean you both joined your hands to make it louder .

So it’s upto your ability how you care and share your bond with your partner.

So here are few tips to Make your relationships more stable and strong:)

💑 be loyal to your partner , never try to cheat and hide things from each other . Let’s reveal everything about yourself and your all stories.

💑 always increase your communication as

it helps you to bring out the consequences of misunderstanding.

💑 never keep complaining about things that don’t come out , as you always have better ways to express your desires.

💑 don’t give up situations easily , always try to sustain for each other .

💑 always do your best in relationships as you love them , don’t spoil your role due to expectations.

💑 don’t make your partner feel offended in front of anyone.

💑. Always make a respectable relationship that gives you security.

💑 you must try different ways to bring freshness and happiness in your relationships either by surprises and love notes.

💑 always share a bond that you feel free to share every darkest secret of each other .

I hope , you find it helpful .🙏

Why relationships failed?

Being in a great relationship is always everyone’s desire. When you are going to be in a relationship then naturally your imagination about having a really magical love story arise in your dreams,where everyone expect to be feel most important person of their partners life .

And in most of the cases , it happens too that during the early phase of relationship everyone gives too much importance and extra attention and love towards their time but as time passes mostly relationships faces lots of up and downs.

And most likely , complain comes out from each partner is feeling the change in their partners behaviour.

It’s really sad to watch people who loved each other most sometimes get disheartened by their loved ones only .

And time issues are also there .

It’s really not about to accompany each other every time but still have some quality time with each other that you can understand from what phase and situations you are going through.

So main reason for relationships failure are :

💔dis loyalty is the today’s most crucial phase of every relationship as nowadays partners mostly feel cheated .

💔misunderstanding are the little things that instigating troubles in a relationship.

Sometimes just to leave the things to be done on their self only create scene.

Its better to communicate what you feel to your partner.

💔 due to one sided endless efforts … hopes get down when constant effort can affect their partners.

💔lack of time is main reason that today’s relationship fail mostly.

💔distrustful relationship also fails badly as partners always stay in a fear to get disheartened.

💔 sometimes self-centredness By partners also make betrayal in partners mind.

💔 inspite with time together relationships become boring rather than grow.

💔 argues and comparisons from other’s relationships also frustrating.

💔 space in relationships are also becoming a very big concern as nobody wanted to feel conserved in any boundaries.

Be anonymous

Sometimes i want to be anonymous,

Where I can feel my life for me.

Where i can feel the pain of my heart.

Where i can have power to boost my passion.

Where no money can affect my life.

Where no one can judge my nature.

………………..,where no relation can bound me to down.

How to reduce the weight after delivery

Becoming a mother is a life changing aspect of women’s journey .

From being pregnant to deliver the precious baby is a great phase that is full of surprises and happiness.

The most important thing that change after baby is your body .

Basically , the more you gain during pregnancy and after delivery it’s really become difficult to maintain your weight because now you have to handle a baby too .

Mostly , women’s nowadays feel bad about their body shape and weight as after having one baby their whole body take dynamic change and it’s really became difficult to maintain it.

But , I feel if you do some simple things then you can surely maintain your figure as earlier.

But we should not lose our interest in our health during pregnancy and after delivery as it’s a life changing experience to your life as well health .

So , if you don’t eat healthy during and after pregnancy then it may bring your health down .

So have great diet that boost you and your babies health as what you have it will help your baby too .

Tips to be taken after delivery for weight loss:

🍎firstly, just trust yourself and feel blessed as you have succeeded in your journey of motherhood .

🍎so , now don’t rush too early for weight loss , be patient it take little time .

🍎drink plenty of warm water daily before meals after delivery.

🍎 daily have walk in morning and evening after your meals .

🍎have fruits like papaya and apple that helps you to boost your diet.

🍎always go for having breakfast 🥞.

🍎 try to take small meals in frequent time intervals rather than taking more quantity of meals.

🍎after , 21 days of delivery you can go for simple exercises and yoga asanas .

🍎eat fibre food in your meals that help you to maintain your health as well .

🍎 include more vegetables and fruits to your diet plan .

🍎 have more daliya and porridge .

🍎breast feed your baby as it helps you to burn your calories more.you can burn 800 -900 calories in day through breast feeding.

🍎 after 30 days of delivery you must increase your household chores and body movement so that fat don’t stick to your body .

🍎be happy and calm down don’t stress yourself it’s a slow process be positive towards yourself and your health.