How to take care of baby during cold and cough….

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great in your life .

Now , the weather take turn from burning summer to rainy 🌧 days , and due to this weather change lots of virus and infection are capturing people and kids .

Basic , reason to get infection is due to poor immune system and it’s really miserable to watch the kids suffer through sickness.

My daughter 3year old has cold and she’s sneezing and coughing and has stopped eating everything.for me it’s becoming very miserable to watch her like that so i try my best to make her feel better.

So , firstly there are few tips that you should take during the change in weather:

👉🏻always asks your kid to wash their hands properly and you yourself should wash your hand before doing something for them .

👉🏻vaccines your kid regularly.

👉🏻don’t give cold water to your kids , inspite of that give boiled water .

👉🏻apply mosquito repellents or cream when the kids go out.

👉🏻 add more fruits and soups to their meal.

👉🏻make the rooms temperature stable.

But now , if still your kid becomes sick , may be due poor immune system .

Kids with poor immune system are get sick more frequently as bacteria and viruses attack them mostly.

So now , here are some more tips that should be taken when your kid is suffering from cold and cough :

👉🏻 always use saline drops during cold as it softened the muscus and get it clear .

👉🏻for infants (breastfeed) is the most beneficial cure.

👉🏻set the room temperature at air humidifier so that it soothe the nose.

👉🏻increase the fluid .

👉🏻for cough , honey works wonders (you can give honey inspite of syrup)

👉🏻rub Vicks vapour on kids foot and chest , as it heal the congestion.

👉🏻keep your kids head high , by putting pillows underneath , so that it became comfortable for kid to breathe.

👉🏻keep tracking temperature 🤒 too .and if you found temperature more than 100.4*c thing consult child specialist.

👉🏻during cold avoid dairy products.

👉🏻soothes your baby and cuddle them.

Basically cold is sustain for 5-6 days , and even it doesn’t get cured then you should consult the doctor for better help.


Sometimes ,,,,,,,, just be rebellious ……

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great in your life . So , it’s Sunday , for all working people a rest day , but i think for all housewife it’s more hectic day as children’s all day activities don’t take break and even husbands demand ‘s something new in lunch 🥗.

Well , it’s a joy of every women to serve and feed to our family.

Wether its about house care , cooking , kids education , husband and kids care , other family members concern from every little things to each and every big concern , a women always there for every thing .

But , still after doing restless home jobs there is approximately more than 50 Percent women are going through from various social abuses.

And mostly cases are of domestic violence.

After giving unconditional love and care what they actually get in return is ” crown of jobless ” and physical or emotional torture by their loved ones only.

Inspite being hurtful and disheartened , women keeps their self respect apart and just to save her relationships go through all of abuses.

But thing that i found really worst is that sometimes a women ‘ family don’t resist for her , and even the family women avoid these situations because according to them its happen normally , if someone struggling to overcome these violations , then family and relatives pull their supports back , and sometimes due to lack of support victims learn to live their life like that only.

So , now just “wakeup women ” , there is nobody else who can help you to move out from all of this society trauma until you yourself defend your conscience .

Be rebellious , to every thing that you don’t deserve .

I know its not easy to get out of these society abuses , as you are emotional involved with family and your concern is about your kids , but remaining silent is not working as you are preaching your kids same agenda of living .

Imagine , what questions are used to arise in a daughter’ s mind when she watch her mother facing all domestic violences , how she use to belong her future .

She will also definitely learning how to remain silent because her mother also faces the same situation and best action taken was to be ” silent “.

Please , be generous to yourself and your kids .

Learn to say no more violence .

Your step to rebel can become inspirational for other women who are facing same violence issues .

  • Here are some tips to follow when you face this :
  1. Never give up your self respect , be particular about it .
  2. Talk to your family about your situation.
  3. There is women protection act of 2005 , you can use that to get rid of your situation .
  4. There are also lots of NGO who are working for the protesting domestic violence .
  5. Be strong to your decision , police play a vital role in interpreting your case .

Be rebellious towards everything that had an adverse effect on your life .I hope , you all understand my point .Please everyone who is reading this , be helpful to all those women who needs your support .Thank you 🙏

Acceptance of the behaviour of two year naughty kid …..

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great with your little lifelines and big one too😊.

As , being a mother is such an awful moment at the same point it is very complicated or you can say very hectic situation where you daily have to deal with unpredictable instances.

Every children is unique by their own attitudes, behaviour and nature .

Some are polite , and some are less active and few are extra active.

So , after having two kids , its not easy to handle both kids and specially when the younger one is damn naughty and he try to copy everything about everyone at home , he try to visit kitchen , he try to clean house and water 💦, god ! he is fond of rain and water , he can spend whole day with playing water , so i have to be damn alert to check that every resource of water is not available to him.

There are thousands stories , that are about his naughtiness.

But, being naughty is nothing to worry and wrong about it.

But being naughty is all about a curious and adventurous baby , who need your 24*7 attention because their naughtiness can be anything , it may harmful for them as , at 2 they are not able to understand good and bad .

So , the best thing is to give them their own space where they can explore their own way to do their self activity.

Naughty kids are more sharp , grab things easily so it’s better to give them directions not boundaries.

A two year kid is not able to understand the consequences if their actions , they are so active that they get attracted for everything that they watch near by there .

So , don’t panic and shout around them , it will give them bad temper .

Here are few tips to tackle their naughty behaviour :

👉🏻naughty ones are grabbers so give them better views to watch so that they don’t grab negative things.

👉🏻Don’t panic and stress your mood by their activities as they are too young to understand your situation.

👉🏻give them an open space with their favourite things to explore new games.

👉🏻don’t shout over them , as it may lead to affect their innocence.

👉🏻 don’t bound them , as you are stopping them to be creative.

👉🏻 feel happy and lucky to be with them give your love and concern.

👉🏻try to communicate with them and tell about does and don’t.

👉🏻dear husbands and family be supportive 😊.

So friends be calm and chill , I myself handling my naughty one , who make my day fly and give me a unstoppable walk .

Sometimes , I myself feel annoyed and tired , its become headache to handle him but after few minutes all thoughts and stress also fly away by his cute smile 😊.

Be thankful to god who gave us an extraordinarily active kid to boost our life with all new experiences.Feel the joy of their naughtiness.

Be patient , they will be grow with time just give them proper directions .

Observe them regularly , because they need extra attention.So friends love them and be caring .I hope it will work for you .

Thank you for reading 🙏.

Source : Self practice and from different blog sources.

Image: mynaughty boy

Motherhood … a journey

Hello friends, i hope you all are doing great in your life .As i informed you yesterday that now my niche is regarding parenting , so lets start sharing my motherhood journey with you all .

Firstly, i want to thank god for making a such a special gift for everyone thats called “mom “.

Now , after becoming a mother , i realised how a mothers journey goes . Really want to thank you mom for everything , she has done a phenomenal job 👍 in all phases of my life and even now i am experiencing my motherhood journey with her and my mother in law ‘s advises.

I am blessed to be a mother , as i think mothers are the creator , motivational and are pioneers of everything .

Well , now coming to my experience, i am the mother of two kids .

Amaira and Nikunj , my little munchkins , my lifelines or i can say they are my everything , as every mothers feel.

Amaira is the elder one ( my daughter) and Nikunj is younger (my son).

Both the kids are totally different by their nature , while amaira is very shy , decent and particular, on the other hand Nikunj is totally opposite he is very naughty .

Like , every mother think , that their kids are only different and unique in making tantrum i also feel exactly that😂.

I am little protective and caring towards my kids and i thinks its the requirement of this generation kids , as they need extra attention, things and now handling their demands becoming more tricky.

My daughter (3yr) , is very choosy and particular in everything as she want to done things with perfection , so when ever she got stuck on something her melody drama starts, so making her understand that “thats okay , it will happen in next attempt “is too complicated .

So , i always try to manipulate her , that don’t worry.

Now , she is getting things and with my best effort I definitely make her realise that practice make her perfect .

And now coming to Nikunj , he is most super active kid , he is just 1.5 year , and keep trying all stunts 😂.

He can play cricket with my all kitchen utensils, and i hope on day he will become next Milkha Singh of india , as he keeps on running whole day , i get tired by following him , very tough to grab him.

But i really love watching his naughty activities , as his name indicates , he is like a naughty krishna , now I understand how difficulty is for mother Yasoda to be mother of krishna .

These two munchkins , make me alive , strong and determined.

I know , raising kids is not a easy job for any mother , as it need patience , strength and will to do everything for our kid .

And its really difficult to manage our parenting as every kid is different and unique so their needs are different , and as the kids grow their understanding and needs also grow , so fulfilling those needs are basically about parenting where you are becoming familiar to kids needs.

Well , i can say that being a mother is a blessing and a mother is one who have the responsibility of the youth of every country , because rather than giving successful person to society , it better to give good human being who values this society .

So , for me parenting is making gems for future , who have humanity towards every aspect.

Thank you everyone for reading this .

Really thankful

Mother of little munchkins

Note: please everyone review this one as i am new to write this phase of mine.

Image:my munchkins 😘

Upgrading to a specific niche……

Hello friends, i hope you all are doing great in your journey, friends today i really need your help , as i feel that I should go for a narrow niche for my blog , being a mother of two little munchkins 😊, I thought I should go for parenting .

Because, i am experiences this beautiful phase of my life that ” motherhood “.

Please everyone suggest me , what should i do?

Grab your opportunity on time…….

Hello friends, i hope you all are doing great in your life and grabbing every possible opportunity around you.

We all have various opportunities on different phases and time , that we mostly miss due to little ignorance and sometimes due to our poor attitudes towards new experiences.

We are not able to analyse and identify the right opportunity available for us, as it is a tricky point too to visualise the outcome of the opportunity.

Sometimes easily availability of opportunity is reason that how it can be avail so easily and by ourselves we miss and leave that opportunity.

Friends, don’t skip them, every thing on time is having different value .

Don’t be a quick skipper, think then grab your opportunity.

Even I myself lost various opportunities and for them i still feel regretful that why I let them go so easily.

I still remember one incidence of my high school .

During high school, there was a passage competition on the topic ” what you want to become ?” In a newspaper .

So , due to my writing passion i write a passage with full of passion and determination .

I was really happy with my content.

But , don’t really understand till now , that i just don’t post that passage to the newspaper .

And reason was because i felt that there will be thousands of another letters would be there for competition then , then how would be able to get select , t missed that opportunity due to my little ignorance and give up attitude.

And worst thing that happens later was , the result declared , the selected passage is exactly the same what i have written , I felt really sad, that why I give up so easily.

Things just not finished there , many more times I missed various opportunities that can Be life changer decision of my life but still I believe things happen for goodness.

So , here are few tips to grab your opportunity:

👉🏻be positive towards the new things coming to your way.

👉🏻think twice before giving up.

👉🏻 never bring never word in your mind .

👉🏻 believe yourself and determined.

👉🏻be attentive to avail the opportunity.

👉🏻visualise and analyse things.

These are various tips to grab your opportunity , i hope they will work for you .

Finally in my own life i have grabbed various opportunities and due to them I am full filling my fantasy world.

Love is all about ……..

Hello 👋 everyone, i hope you all are feeling loved.

yes ! you all grab it right that today’s topic is about love.

I think every single person have their own definition of love.

To express in terms of words its really difficult to convey what we actually feel.

In , our life love is something that revolves around us and that make us thousands reactions to react.

Like , when you are teenager , love makes you curious and anxious, in this phase you can smile without reason and at same point you can feel distressed.

Things are like flowing and everything you start relating to famous love stories 😊.

Best part of this phase is love is pure and unconditional.

A flower can do wonders in someone’s heart and a smile in response to that flower can bring heart attack😜.

Love is something that have a gravitational power , as through this life , situation and even sometimes people changes too .

Teenage love tales are mostly the cutest and full of innocent feelings.

Then , after teenage a mature phase came when , people become little mature regarding love too .

I feel it literally complicated 🤔, as in this phase things are not like before .

Love is there but still people are surrounded by lot of other things too like family , friends, career and mostly faced problems is about commitments.

Nowadays, mostly loves tales are about breakup and patch up , ditch or dump.

Its not like that every story is same but still mostly are going to these complications.

Exceptional stories are also their where love and trust is there .

I think there is no single relationship where is no problem , but its upto you that how you clear the ambiguities and make strong bonds.

So there are few tips to build your relation strong:

  • Do not compare your relationships with others , as everyone is unique in there own way.
  • Never bring negativity for your love .
  • Don’t expect things let them come by their own genre.
  • Always think positive things about your partner thats make you fall in love with them.
  • Show your love and concern.
  • Attention is all about in love , rather than dinner , gift , surprise.
  • Don’t panic on little things.
  • Appreciate their efforts.
  • Believe in quality time , don’t urge for quantity time.

Love is not about a fantasy, make it realistic and believe in giving your best to someone special that feel exactly same for you.

Be loyal and caring are two qualities that are basic to have in any relations.

So guys, i think i flowed with the thoughts of love😂.

Be beautiful 🍀

Hello friends, i hope you all are feeling beautiful and handsome.

So , i think you all get my todays topic , yes it’s about feeling beautiful.

Feeling beautiful is a blessing of every women, even I myself wanted to feel that flawless skin and glowing face.

Feeling beautiful is basically about having soft and clear skin without tanning , acne and blackheads.

So , whenever i feel that my skin is become dull and rough , then i always go for natural remedies.

As i have a sensitive skin , so i am little particular about every recipe of natural remedy.and i do research and experiences a natural secret remedy thats really much effective for my skin type (oily).

And the secret remedy is a face pack of gram flour(besan).

I have tried it lot of time and i always suggest and myself prefer it weekly.

And best thing about this pack is , i always get desired result.

This recipe is for everyone (women and man).

so here is the process of making face pack:

  • Ingredients required are:
  1. Gram flour 2 table spoon.
  2. Raw milk 3-4 table spoon.
  3. Lemon juice ( for oily skin)
  4. Turmeric .2 of tablespoons .

  5. Now, mix all the ingredients into a smooth mixture and apply for 15-20 min.

  6. Then wash your face with normal water.

I am sure , that after using this face pack , you will definitely gonna feel great 👍 and beautiful skin.

Try it and enjoy the feel to be beautiful 🙏

My fantasy world 🌍

Hello 👋 friends, i hope and pray that you all are doing great in your life.i wish all your fantasies come true 😊.

Well, today my topic is about fantasy.

Fantasy is basically a pleasant event and situation that you think or imagine and you want that to happen but it’s unlikely to be done.

Every person must have a fantasy , that he want to happen but isn’t people from last Centuries must have fantasy to talk , spread, watch the information from one corner to another corner of earth.

Sometimes , its really hard to believe that how humans are exploring this world with new ideas, technique and innovative inventions.

Now , just on a single click get any information with huge contents.

And , internet become so sensational that , now virtual friends are more comparable to other friends.

Now , coming back to topic about fantasy,

For me , blogging is itself a fantasy world for me😊, as when enter to my blog page I forget everything ; just believe in what i write , i go with the flow of my thoughts and emotions and keep depicting them to the world.

Its a pleasure to meet the people from same fantasy where the thoughts and peoples imagination revolves around.

Blogging is just something magical for me ; as it give me happiness in doing and satisfaction to speak my heart out to the world.

In this fantasy world of blogging , i just own my individuality and passion with my priorities .

Fortunately , i am blessed to live my fantasy world , and it becomes essential part of my daily routine.the way i manage my home same way i concern about my this fantasy world of blogging …. i know its a long way to experience more of this ,,,,, but every moment is fateful 🙏🙏🙏

Fear of failure

Holla friends, how you all are doing , i hope that you all are doing best of yourselves.

Yesterday , i was with my daughter and asking her to study . The many times i ask her to study she ignored me , then finally i just make her sit with me and give her homework to be done .

She starts doing it by herself, then she start crying and ask me to stop her cousin to not do the homework first .

Just because she don’t want to lose ,she wanted to slow down her cousin , she is just 3 year old , at this age only she fear from losing small things.

Then , I politely had a conversation with her that , losing is not always a bad idea , it may help you in doing great in your next attempt. But she doesn’t understand my point as she is too young to understand that enough but then i realise its not just about her , there are lot of people who goes through this fear throughout there life.

Even amaira (my daughter )should not feel that fear, As failure is not always prove your defeat , sometimes it gives you lesson to stand again and fight with your fear.

Well for me , failure is not an impact of someone’s lapses and flaws.

It’s about not giving your 💯 percent.

Mostly, we ourselves quit and hold things just forsake of bust up.

The real meaning of failure is giving up things rather then taking them in a positive Competition.

I myself in my life , leaves things just because of fear of losing things .

But battling this fear is victory.

So here are some tips that may help you guys to overcome this fear of failure:

👉🏻acceptance of thoughts that failure is a part of the process of failure.

👉🏻let out your frustration into good deeds.

👉🏻be brutally honest to yourself , and believe in improvising things.

👉🏻stop ruminating the failure.

👉🏻addressees your mistake during the process.

👉🏻change the approach in next process.

As, we all no that failure is inevitable in life , so don’t stuck just to it , overcome from these challenges and make them advantageous to our success.

Well, one great thing about failure is ” the more successful people are the one who once failed most 🤔.

So be positive and believe in doing things Continuously with determination.