What’s my fault?

What’s my fault these are the words that came out from rape victims. Again , a 7 year old girl is brutally rapped in madosar .

This news became so usual, daily newspapers are full of all these rape and molestation cases.

Nirbhya , asifa list is increasing of these brutality cases.

Why humanity loosing its root , why today’s man himself became the animal.

What is fault of the innocent girl , because she is a girl ? Now going to school is also a crime. Where should we hide our daughters so that we can save them , as not a single place can be called safe .

These cases makes me shattered , as i am also a mother of a girl , did i do something wrong to give birth to a girl .

Really can’t imagine from what state of mind the victims gone through .

It seems there is no fear in people about laws , hanging became a easy way to get out from this life for them .

Everything get failed , in front of these crucial people , who are so shameless that they even can’t feel the innocence of a child .

This type of inhumanity ruins the freedom of girls because parents are scared of all these situations and that’s obivious even myself feel unsafe for my kids .

Culprit should not only hanged but should be brutally tortured the way he done .

Not only government , but we ourselves have to be careful about ourselves and our kids.

Self defence should be a mandatory subject in school , we ourselves should learn karate and always carry chilli spray when you move outside.

Be careful and never giveup .

Holidays going to be over….

Hello friends its 29 june , so holidays are going to be end from tomorrow. Again morning alarm, early wakeup and school preparation 😂. I really enjoyed holidays , after being a mother atleast less worries were there like no daily homework , no school buzz , relaxation was there .

I think more than my daughter i feel worried about schools reopening.

In my childhood , i use to get happier when school get opened after holidays but now , as a parent i am panicking 🤣.

Again same schedule , i think not just my daughter following the school but parents have too follow.

All visitors , who visited our house have gone today , house became empty , feeling sad 😔. Why it happens that we got connected too much with people that when they leave it hurts us badly.

Inspite being in our house only , some kind of dullness is here.

Someone’s saying is true that ” house is not about bricks and stone its all about people who live”.

Miss you all guys , hope to see you all next year in holidays 😊


Hello friends , like in everybody’s life a time came which we don’t want to expect and experience that is failure .

For every single person failure word may be vary . Different people have different definitions of it as per their personal experiences.

For me , failure is a step to analyse in what we lack and an opportunity to thing in a far better way by learning from a failed experience.

Failure is nothing , it’s our illusion that disguised our determination.

There is no situation that can be handled perfectly in a trial , so if you lost your trial that doesn’t claim you failure …..

Failure is when you don’t stand up again and again and complete your goals.

“It’s better that you forget the word failure “

Fews tips to overcome from failure fevers

  • Do thing of your interest that keeps you happy in work.
  • Apply never give up policy.
  • Share your thoughts and experience with your love ones and supporters.
  • Always take critics in a valuable lesson.
  • Practice makes a man perfect , so don’t feel bad , keep doing thing again and again.
  • It’s all about you , so don’t get emotional with others judgments.
  • Read inspirational stories of survivals.

Nobody knows how to deal with your life, so don’t panic about what others will think and say , it’s none of their business.

So guys , be happy and positive towards yourself and remove the word failure , as you can surely survive at lastingly.

Yes! You can change ……

Hello friends, i hope you all doing great this summer . Lets take a step forward to change the situation which is unacceptable for us .

Feel free and do the things that give you peace.

Sometimes we ourself imagine that our action may hurt or may not be accepted by our family and society .

But if thing is right then , don’t hesitate be a change.

Life is too short to live , just do the thing that give you happiness .

Nobody cannot better understand what you actually want until you don’t express your thoughts .

Believe in yourself and do the things that give you satisfaction , never expect that somehow time will change on someday .

Time is most frequent unstable thing , and it never repeat , so never thought that things will change themselves .

Choose your career according to your interest rather than any biased decision.

You can’t do things excellent if you aren’t interested to do that thing.

A change can give you passion to attain your goal.

So don’t follow the sheep .

Yes, you have to be the change.

Is something wrong with me …..

Hello friends, on someone special advise today I would to talk about why women have to suffer most of the time .

In each corner of the earth , a kind obligation is given to deal with every problem.

People never want to see the vision of women’s points of view.

In each and every situation , consequences mostly bear by women .

” In our country , if girl take birth , then an awwh full reaction came out from everyone “.

Their reaction sounds like , baby is asking , “is something wrong with me ?”

Reaction of people are in different form , some like ” ohh ! Its really sad , don’t worry may god bless you next time “.

Few like , ” oh god , what kind of revenue you taking from us ?

These insane talks tortured the mother , who is even able to feel that motherhood moment of her.

Mother is also criticised for giving birth to a girl . Is it in her hand ?

Why she has to bear all insane things?

Thing not get over here only , girls always advised to learn the values , morals , house work to get trained and do their perfect jobs after marriage .

As time passes , then the things regarding their puberty start.

Don’t do that , don’t go there ,don’t wear this , don’t and does start in their life.

From every angle , fingers are pointing toward them . In a single second , lot of conclusions can b made on her character.

In mostly cases even they are not getting enough time to do something for their self esteem.

Parents main aim for their daughter is to get married on time .

Just let her go to her house on time otherwise , again stories will began like , “is something cooking ?”,blah blah every mouth bring out something negative with their perception only , never thought how their words swore someones heart.

Even after getting married , thing never changed . Now again a hectic journeys start for few with dowry , for colour etc.

Then, her work is analysed , her nature got judged , like in school happens , you have to score good marks in every subjects , here will be same procedure you have to perform good in every roll wether its wife , mother , daughter in law , etc.

Becoming a mother isn’t a easy way , but more difficult give best morals to kids.

Every single job is incomplete without the presence of women but still , in every women’s mind the point is raised ” is something wrong with me ?”

Please treat your daughters like princess, never make them feel unwanted .

My princess 👑

Journey of toys ….

Earlier , toys are made up of clay , with simple designs and few in variety.

Kids feel lucky to have a single toy in earlier days .

As time passes toys market starts booming , gradually quality and quantity demanded increase for toys .

Slowly, kids demand for toys upgrades.

Now , clay toys loosing there existence and modern toys like automatic cars and doll and video games grabbing the eyes of kids.

Kids choices is gradually , updating as per time , in present world there is a craze for play station ,laptop and mobile games.

Its been long journey of toys . That change from generation to generation.

Be thankful

Hello friends , today let’s talk about the people , who are concerned for us and who are here for us in every situation.

Firstly , thank you to god who create this amazing world with different aspects and aspirations.

Sometimes , I thought that how it all created , like beautiful mountains covered with snow , blue oceans with thousands of water animals.

Plain lands with various unique species.

Everything owned something very special about them .

Really , it’s our fortune that we get a chance to be part of this world and experiencing it.

Even being part of this world , one more thing that matters is the people with whom we are living .

Our love ones consistently keep loving us and take care of us without any problems but we forget to realise their importance until they stopped it .

Why this happen? To whom we love , we forget to show our gratitude towards them .

In this era , you are lucky if there is someone who concern for you without any personal benefit except parents .

Nowadays people are so busy in their life that if someone is giving time to you , it mean you mean really important to them .

Don’t take them for granted .

” Be thankful to them , your few words may bring smile to them .

Be thankful to everyone who help you to become the person you are.

Be thankful to person who raise you and give you good upbringing.

Be thankful to those who even gives you reason to smile .

Be thankful to the one who love you for no reasons “

Thank you all for support 🙏

My buddies ……😍😍😍

Hello friends , today i would like to dedicate my blog to my buddies 😘 , its been blessing to have you guys . Its been years to be with you .

The best thing about our friendship is our bond that is so constant and relevant during all ups and downs.

I missed old days , when i used to spend my half days with you and talk unstoppable 😂.

I missed , how curiously you use to listen me whole time my all chatter 😜.

Today , I appreciate your patience dear.

These all friendship memories make me feel sad , that why time goes so fast , I wish I could go back to those days .

I missed , all those gossips that we use to do on back benches and still use to study hard when exams came .

I still remember , how we use to share our darkest secrets and then wipe off the tears.

Now , i feel best part is that , we still share that bond and it grows with time in a more mature way.

We are not use to meet on regular basis but it doesn’t matter.

The thing that matters that you still care in same way the way you use too.

Struggling days…

Hello friends , today lets talk about the experiences one go through from beginning to desired position.

In everybody’s life , there a time period came that change your thinking , situation , temper and lots of things changed during this phase which is called ” struggling phase” .

This phase is really a tough time , and in this period we mostly loose hopes , and give up to our goals .

And , sometimes it became more crucial when , financially as well as emotionally You have to go through this .

Its true that when you are at good place , you will be admired and valued but its you are on opposite situation then , you will be neglected in every situation .

I think struggling period is most challenging time for anyone , as this can make you learn how to grow , how to sustain in adverse condition , how to never lost self confidence but for few cases it may ruin your passion .

My personal thought is :” there is a good thing about bad situation is that , now only good thing on gate to come ” because all bad things already done their jobs so now good things have to come.

We all cannot understand , the problem and situation of struggling person going through so we should never judge them , its life so up and downs are its phases.

Always show support and love as it work as Rocket to rock the situation .

Struggling phase :

I look at clock in day and night

To find is time forget to fly ,

Every day makes me insane

When nothing happens on my name,

My soul ask me to do

Those things that are right to do,

People forget to give me smile

When my eyes searches for life .

Be humble , be gentle to everyone in your life because you never know from what condition the person going through .

I myself going through a struggling life in search of my recognition . Its a long way to go , mine time is not so rude as my love ones are here to support me .

How to have a strong marriage

Hello friends, today we all are going through many ups and down of relationships.

I am also a married woman , and having a beautiful journey of 5 years with two cuties .

Every day is not same , so we cannot expect same nature from human too .

Everyone has mood swing , problems that affect our nature . So , inspite of blaming each other it’s good that you understand the situation of the person .

Sometimes , we hurt those people most who we loved most.

Nowadays, marriages and relationships are not sustaining as earlier use to , and the reason behind is your ego sometimes insecurity , lack of efforts , misunderstandings lead to destruction of relationships .

I feel , how we can imagine to get apart from that person to whom we often called lifeline.

I am not saying , that we have to stick with relationships , wether they are getting worse , i just want to try to help those relationships that can sustain and become long lasting by eliminating unnecessary misunderstandings and mistakes .

And , one more thing is never in abusive relationships .

So , here are few things you can do to save your relationships and establish them for forever love 💕 .

  • Never compare your relationships with others , as everyone has different nature and behaviour to take the things.
  • Never criticised your partner for their failures , as they can bear world taunt but not from loved ones .
  • Be caring to each others , because caring nature works as essence of relationship.
  • When things are not going right then keep calm and give time for realisation.
  • Always express your love .
  • Never feel underestimated , by taking initial step to solve the problem.
  • Support each other in every situation .
  • Never give up , so stop doing thing that you use to do normally .
  • Never go to sleep without resolving your problems.
  • Give space , loyalty is in your hand 🤚🏿.
  • Feels blessed to have each other.

These are few thing that may help you 😊 . Be happy and make sure that your love ones have same happiness on their faces too .

Father’s day special

Hello friends , a very happy fathers day to all the fathers .

I loved that a special day is announced for making some efforts to show how special and important role they play in our life.

Father is one who never show , but who bear all problems outside your vision.

He is one who always make sure that you get everything on time , without showing a single sign of stress they going through.

They always concern more ,, arrange everything on every occasion wether its your birthday , marriage , etc.

Father’s are sunshine

Who give you stability in your life,

They are like thunder

Who always do wonder in your life,

Their love has no limit

So lets confess your guilt to them ,

Their presence fade away the black clouds

And give you day with rainbow.

Father’s are like god blessing from the godfather 😇

Today , even i want to thank god for giving me such a wonderful father and uncle who is more than anything else in my life😘. My father is my love and my uncle (to whom i called papa too) is my lifeline . Both are so good that my words cant express my emotions for you .

One is preacher for me and second is guider .

Thank you father , for staying with me in all phases , when i was little girl to now a strong mother .

You always take the best decision for my life .. you guys are true and real examples of a good father . You taught me all good thing , and make me understand the difference between goid and negative things 🙂.

Love you papa beyond universe😘

Father’s Day specials

Hello friends, a very special day to all fathers.

Basically , every day is special for every one . But by giving a special name to the day .

So today , its a day for all the fathers , who give love and support .

Today , i want to thank god for giving me such an adorable father , And uncle who is more than anything in my life.

My fathers are my inspiration for life strength.

They give so much love and good thoughts for my life .

Holiday home work 😜

Hello friends , today I am little worried as I haven’t completed my daughters holiday homework.

My daughter is 3year old and went to pri nursery class. And she got holiday homework too 🧐 . I really don’t know is she understands the meaning of homework actually.

Whenever i ask her to do , mostly her reply came “mama muje yeh nae woh karna hai” .

She didn’t want to do anything that are given to her ,, she want to study at her own way .

She is fond of new books and colours..

Now, am feeling that inspite of her , i got holiday homework to do 😖.

I think school should give a proper break to children ,,, rather thn giving lots of homework work which is basically for parents 😝.

So , dear schools please be calm and lets this holiday break just be a break only rather thn headce . That how she give mothers day speech 😍

Let me mean this time !!

Hey ! Friend i really want to know if there is something wrong if i ask for change.

  • I love to think beyond any boundary then why always people there to struck those thought.
  • I want to be a just a human and adapt it as my religion @ “humanity” then still people teaches different religions pathways.
  • I want to roam all day and night but why people tell me its not good and safe .
  • I don’t want to pretend good all the time.
  • Let me have my choice , my opinion , my views .

    • Yes , i love all my people that are with me , but some times i want to do things for my sake and for my satisfaction as this is only one life …. i dnt want to regret in future that I wasted my whole life as a fake personality 😂 .

      So be yourself ,,, not its not bad to be mean sometimes 😊

      Give wings to your dream and fly away

      Deep thoughts in mind ,

      Give me strength to fly.

      I flaunt my emotion ,

      That spell my devotion.

      Feeling that scares me mostly,

      Now , they forget my name.

      I willingly expressed my passion,

      To attain my determination.

      Today i will fly,

      And get all what i desire.

      These phases expressed my heart louder, to tell that i will never gonna see backward as i am borne to grow , raise , appreciate 😊

      Hot summer day without light and water🤯

      During the 1995 , the. Summer was not so harsh and rude. But now in 2018 , summer should changes its name to boiler season🤣. Yesterday the light got some electric issues and take a nap of 24 hours.

      Oh my god , those hours 😖, due to light , water is also take a break .. temperature 40 + and air forget to blow💔.

      Its was seem like i am living in a desert where there is only thing found is hot wind , humidity.

      And there is nothing like that am too weak to deal with it all ,, i can as i spend my lot of summer vaccination like that only in 1990s, but now things got changed .

      But now kids have adapted AC , they cant tolerate this heat of summer.. my 2 year boy was unable to sleep ,, al he want is water all the time .

      Now, i am thinking if we cant spend a single day without light ,, then is its dependency on light.

      I think we should have the habit to sustain in every condition .. and same habit we should gave to our kids .

      Hideous beauty……

      Today ,, everything is all about beauty .

      It’s a era where everyone want to look good , want to be admired.

      First impression that comes out from everyone is from attractive outside beauty.

      Mostly it happens with everybody where we say awwh ! “he is so cute ,, she is beautiful ” its normal too as one glimpse of person gives these perceptions only.

      But , now after 27 years of my life i realise what beauty means to me.

      Beauty is hideous thing that we search from peoples outside persona.

      For me , beauty is in your eyes when you see things .

      Beauty is all about good heart ❣, where you have kindness for everyone , where you always have forgiveness .

      Beauty is in everything that god has created , it can b seen from hideous beauty of your eyes.

      We all know that nothing is permanent in this world , as time passes everything change but still we run for all illusions .

      Its take lot of time to recognise your hideous beauty …but as you grab it ,, you can reframe your confidence and your life with winning colour of happiness and success 🌈👍