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Friendship taboo

Most wonderful ,real , casual ,interesting ,funny,serious bond among people. Sometimes i think if there will be no friend then how would be life , i think it would be like food without taste😜.
Friends are like diamond 💎 who enhance your persona .
Basically , in our life we had good range of friends i.e childhood friends ,school friends,college friends, facebook , twiter,insta ,snap etc friends …. evn nw days the more online friends u have u feel popular.
Its really for important for us to identify our real friends because the way friends can enhance your persona evn they can ruin your life .
Its good to be friendly with everyone bt when it comes to have a great bond thn be alert .
A good friend company will support you , love you care for you , and when you are wrong they will stop you too ,, bt if friends are not good they demotivate you , push you towards all wrong jobs .
So be choosy for friends as " all shiny stone are not diamond 💎 ".
Luckily, i have the great friends who are always there for me whenever i am indeed.. god blesss them😊


The only hope for today's scenario.
It's really hard to find something good in anyone's thoughts.
These days people catching all wrong negative energy as its ourself who predetermined everything in our mind.
Like , we never make our own impression of how we actually are , we treat people accordingly to there nature i.e if they will talk firstly then we will intereact otherwise ,why we start first?
We will go to their place if they will come to our place … everything happens on others actions actually… we lost what we want what we actually are?
So just stop ✋ copying what your surroundings doing ,,, be your own master as " as your few lines can change somebody's day , life mood " so be a changer 👍

How to feel happy ­čśŐ┬á

  • In todays world , if  something is missing  in everybody’s life its happiness.. so today m gonna advise uh all to be happy may be it works for you all too.
  • So, very first start giving too much to yourself nd deeply try to know what actualy happiness means for you i.e  writing, painting,helping,talking,cooking it could be anything.
  • Thn, secondly  try to neglect all those thing that make u panic… whatever they are ,,its your life its for one time so only relate urself to good things only
  • Thirdly,,,sometimes we are unable to understand what happiness  mean to us ,, so in that case try to make others happy may b their smiles can give u such a soothing piece that u  can find your happiness.

Mooohhhhooo…….,… the afffection,,lovee

If  in this world “moohho “(love) doesn’t exist then,how this world would run?

Because only love can affect everything that is happening.

Like how a woman get ready to give a birth to a precious life even after bearing so much pain … nd not just giving birth ,thereafter  and taking a super care .

Thats only moohoo can make people to help others,,, 

Not just human but everything who can feel do everything fr thisss mohooo..

For me mohoo is sumthing tats undefined word because i think its a kind of feeling for anybody or anything that make us do my personal life for me mohoo is “my love for my husband and baby’s ” because whatever i use to do for them only ,,, i found its pleasure to do things for themm ….. thats alll mohoo funda i think­čśë..

Life…the curiosity┬á

Life has different people,phases and  parameter from which people go through.

Just imagine if life remain constant thn what would happen,,,people will got ┬áterribly bored ­čśÉ,,,,because everyone ┬áis soo keen n curious to knw what happening in ┬álife…personally i use to weight fr my games life ,,, every minute i think may b time change,, everbody is curious to knw what life basically.

Everyone has different meaning of it ,,, this curiosity to knw life makes the life journey interesting … so always be ready to knw it’s importantance …­čĹŹ

Do you believe in karma…..

Karma is basically known our daily actions. I truly believe in it, because i think that somebody is watching our daily karm,, if we do something wrong nd we have to pay for that in future…nd in our bad time maybe our some gud karm may help ….

Because nothing is worth like money ,status,attitude ,ego..etc only after life these all these things  become worthless,, only our karma remain with us…so just act gud karma’s as god is watching usss …

Love … the motivation┬á

Everyone has different meanings of word love for few its  life and for some its affection…but rarely anyone can define exactly what love actualy mean…different people have different thought about it.

In my life it means motivation, as it motivate me to keep alive, to laugh when am sad,,its like bandage fr all wounds .

In simple wrds , it make me feel like flying in sky without no reason …­čśś

A journey towards an end….

Life is a mystery. It’s  begins with a tiny  egg  and last with hard bones with a epitome story of one’s life.its been a joyful moment for everyone when a new baby arrives..everyone bless the baby to have a successful and long lifee..,,from day one only people start expecting from that baby i.e bada hokar doctor  banega””meri beti ias officer banegi”” its like who life is scripted to kid …. but life is so flexible that can’t be scripted..its full of  curious moments…nobody knws when it change!!a person could got everything in one day and even a person can loose everything in a moment its all about hardwork,destiny and luck..people is becoming happy to have a rich life even they should be bt sumhow forget to have rich social lifee .. because everyone forget that one day life will b ended with only a great life story…so just frame ur life story so beautiful and faithful that people always get reminded of it..