Do you believe in karma…..

Karma is basically known our daily actions. I truly believe in it, because i think that somebody is watching our daily karm,, if we do something wrong nd we have to pay for that in future…nd in our bad time maybe our some gud karm may help ….

Because nothing is worth like money ,status,attitude ,ego..etc only after life these all these things  become worthless,, only our karma remain with us…so just act gud karma’s as god is watching usss …

Love … the motivation 

Everyone has different meanings of word love for few its  life and for some its affection…but rarely anyone can define exactly what love actualy mean…different people have different thought about it.

In my life it means motivation, as it motivate me to keep alive, to laugh when am sad,,its like bandage fr all wounds .

In simple wrds , it make me feel like flying in sky without no reason …😘

A journey towards an end….

Life is a mystery. It’s  begins with a tiny  egg  and last with hard bones with a epitome story of one’s life.its been a joyful moment for everyone when a new baby arrives..everyone bless the baby to have a successful and long lifee..,,from day one only people start expecting from that baby i.e bada hokar doctor  banega””meri beti ias officer banegi”” its like who life is scripted to kid …. but life is so flexible that can’t be scripted..its full of  curious moments…nobody knws when it change!!a person could got everything in one day and even a person can loose everything in a moment its all about hardwork,destiny and luck..people is becoming happy to have a rich life even they should be bt sumhow forget to have rich social lifee .. because everyone forget that one day life will b ended with only a great life story…so just frame ur life story so beautiful and faithful that people always get reminded of it..

People are mre interested in others life……..

Nowadays  people are taking more interest in others lyf,,they are not bother about they life,family’s but they are interested in other life what other people doing ,how they doing,what they wearing,what their kids doing?

Now,people are not happy with their life as they are busy in feeling  jealousy from others happiness.

Mostly, people are more keen to know what their neighbours son scored rather thn watching there kid result.

Choose to have a happy life rather than a rich life

Nowadays everyone is in race of earning money, name and fame.

People’s main agenda is to become the first in society,,evn they don’t know whom whom they competing nd for what reason !

Somehow people are loosing the real happiness that comes through the people of our life as people are busy in so much work that they forgets their family and friends ,, people choices shifted to work more rather than people.

Its good to be hardworking nd to have passion in work but atlast we all do this for family and if avoid them only then wats the use of it!

So ,family should be the first priority ,, nd right reason to be happy,, because living people make you alive not the non living bucks.

So stay calm in life race because every second is previous with tha family🙂🙂🙂

Unrevealed desires

Sometimes we are unable to express our real desires, we want  to do sumthing bt somehow we  do things that are inspired by other people,,, and atlast we lost our real desires as we totaly get affected by society,, what people think,if we so like that etc,,,

Absence of realism….

These days people are more  artificial than non living things,,as everything they do is just to show, impress  other beings wether they like it or not..reality z being mre far from the  actual situation.. people nw are more prone to other people’s think i.e what other will thinks ,wat other will do… and at last they loose there real personality….

 Come on! Its time to wakeup guys,, just forgot what others think …its all your life just live the way you want ,, dnt makes other people bosss of urs,,  this life z god of gift,, he dnt allowed anyone to judge you so dnt get affected by others thought “stay you as you only”