Foods to be introduced for six month baby’s 👶

Six months are a milestone journey for every mother.

First six month are basically very important for babies growth and their dependency is on breast feeding only.

Mostly mother feel eager to introduce new healthy things to their little one .

But , it is said that babies must not given any thing before six months.

As breast milk is the best healthy thing for babies . It contain everything that a baby require.

But after six months , every mother should introduce small soupy meals to their little munchkins.

so here are some recipes that you can introduce to your little munchkin:-

🥗apple purée: all you need is to peel off the apple and stream it until it get soft and then grind into smooth purée. And offer you baby .it is really healthy for you baby’s health.

🥗rice water: boil rice and water together , then filter the rice and now use the filter water to baby .

🥗boiled pulses: mix few pulses like green lentil and masoor and boiled them in a purée form so that your baby can easily intake it .

🥗daliya and porridge can also be introduced but the form should be very smooth and in more liquid form.

🥗 banana shake can also introduce in this phase and it’s really great for baby’s health .

🥗homemade cerelac is also great for young ones to introduce during this phase as it full fill every requirement of baby’s immune system.

These are just introducing recipes as the baby grows to 8-9 month many more recipes are also there to start with .

So happy to see your in future recipes friends 🙏