How breaks makes you feel lazy 😆

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great things in your life .

I really missed my page from past few weeks but due to some time issues i was unable to manage it .

But , not just time issues but taking a break from my blogging routine is a big factor for my ignorance .

Taking unnecessary break bring laziness and stress to mind for developing new ideas and experiences.

Really , even some time i have time i skip things for future where i can do right now .

But now again i will definitely try to be get punctual towards my blogging dream 😍


Hello friends , i hope you all are great in your journey.

So , today’s topic of my blog is basically my heart out.

Firstly , thank you god for this beautiful life where , i can reflect all my passion through my words.

So , coming back to my topic , i know everyone has different perspectives towards the humanity .

But personally I believe that inspite of different perspectives and experiences the motive should be one for everyone.

For me humanity is basically a feeling where you feel everything is equally important , there is kindness in your words , and you know that positivity can do magic.

Your every action may not be helpful for anyone but , in today’s scenario if your action is not even harming someone then it’s humanity.

Believe in goodness of kindness , it gives you positive vibes and peaceful soul.

Always , lets help each other. You never know wh

Happy Diwali to all

Hello friends , wish you all a prosperous and healthy diwali 🎉 to you all .

Diwali is basically an Indian festival that mostly celebrated by everyone .

It is a festival of light that bring enlightenment not only to surrounding but to life also .

Diwali is basically celebrated on the success of goodness, and on return of god Ram to their empire back after 14 years.

Personally , diwali is my favourite festival .

I really like everything about it like diyas , lights , rangoli and exchange of sweets.

Basic reason behind this festival is to bring joy together.

One single line ” happy diwali to you ” bring joy to everyone’s face .

And that’s enough for this phase .

Children got super excited about diwali , as they are able to get lots of chocolate gift and crackers.

Even my munchkins loves it .

But I won’t prefer crackers due to pollution and health issues.

But i love lights , it seems like sky come down with shiny stars.

Happy diwali to alll 🙏