How to take care of baby during teething

Having a baby is something really an amazing experience.

As a baby bring all joyous things with them to family.every phase of parenting bring is incredible to live with as its with something very precious memorable incidence that will be remembered whole life.

So , inspite of all great milestones of babies journey , having first teething is very important. As it is the first phase of parenting that parents are worried about because it is the consequential part of baby’s health .

Mostly , every new mommies face lots of problems during babies first teething.

Well, teething is basically really crucial phase of every baby growth journey.

Still, every kid is unique and their teething experiences also .

Few kids go through lots of suffering and pain during their first teething but at same time some may have normal teething without any complication.

Mostly teething begin between 4th to 7th month baby .

But in few cases the month can be differ .

As my daughter got her first teeth during 12 month .so we cannot predicted anything exceptional are always now know more about teething , that how to recognise it .

Signs of teething

  • Drooling : when you feel that baby is drooling more than usually then this means baby is going to have first teething . So to avoid inconvenience use bib around baby neck .
  • Swollen gums :if you observe red gums and swollen that may be a sign of teething.
  • Grabbing everything into mouth to chew.
  • Irritated , when you observe that your child is getting more irritated rather than usually.
  • Avoid eating , during teething kids avoid eating .
  • Sullenness is also a sign , due to cranky gums kids avoid doing anything.
  • Red cheeks is also sign of teething.
  • Tugging ears.
  • Fussy in bedtime .
  • Fever and diarrhoea are also common signs found during teething.,

  • So , after knowing the teething signs ,here are few tips to relief your baby during teething .

Few home remedies to give some relief during teething

  • You can use chilled teething ring and spoon to soothe babies gum .
  • If baby , have started eating solid then you can give cucumbers and carrots to baby to chew .
  • You should give a very healthy and nutritious diet to baby so that weakness don’t come along teething.
  • Give them proper rest .
  • Give them vitamins supplements that include vitamin D.

There are few medical help also can give relief but for that you must consult your doctor.

So , i hope that your phase of teething experience will become better .

I hope you all find it helpful thank you for reading and liking it 🙏

70 thoughts on “How to take care of baby during teething

  1. The babies that my wife and I had are long since grown up and one has babies of his own. Interesting site but, sadly, I don’t think we will be having any more babies :o) Thank you for the visit.

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  2. Mine are all grown up and married with babies of their own. How well I remember all the signs and symptoms you have written about. They used to have something called ‘Paregoric’ to rub on their gums. What a relief when that little tooth pops through and you hear a click on the spoon. Thanks for the memories. A very sweet article!

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  3. Honey 🍯 is not recommend for babies…

    So please suggest something else to rub on the gums

    “Botulism is a rare but dangerous type of poisoning that affects the nervous system. Honey can contain botulism spores; these spores release a toxin that can poison infants.”

    So it’s really bad for babies 👶

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  6. Sicilian people rubbed annisette or other sweet liquor. Perhaps that’s why I became a heavy drinker ? First it’s teething, then a few cavities, the horror of wisdom teeth and the decline of teeth in old age. Seems like teeth stuff never ends.

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