How to recover from c -section surgery

The journey of being mother is really exciting with lots of phases and emotions.

Being pregnant to giving birth to baby is also a beautiful phase .every pregnancy is different and issues regarding pregnancy are also different.

So , we cannot assume the possible delivery situation because sometimes due to some complications mother choose to have c section delivery , like due to breech position of baby and due to deficiency of water , and sometimes due to cord issues .

I myself gone through two c section surgery And my reason was regarding breech position of baby and due to water leakage from umbilical cord.

but nowadays , mother for painless delivery , also adopting c section surgery .

Basically , there are two ways of delivery of baby :

👍vaginal delivery

👍C section surgery

C section surgery is also surgery like other operation . In this also , doctors take various incisions .

Well , c section surgery is also not an easy way for any mother .because it’s a procedure where your skin is tearing from abdomen . And then threaded after bringing baby out and then you have to stay in hospital for 3-4 days.

So , to recover from c section surgery need little more care and time .

Ways to recover from c section surgery:

👉🏻take proper rest for at least six to seven weeks. As you should not put much effort to roam , as after c section surgery your body need little time to restore your energy so give proper rest to yourself then slowly start walking .

There must be no more movements that need more physical strength.

👉🏻drink plenty of water will be great way to get over your gastric problems after c section surgery .

👉🏻don’t sit for more duration of time , ask your spouse and family members to handling your baby , always try to take nap with baby .

👉🏻 taking nutritious diet will also help you to recover better , so include those things that are healthy for you and which increase your breastmilk .

You must Keep taking small healthy meals before breastfeed.

👉🏻relax yourself and enjoy your motherhood phase but don’t put too much effort take help from family to do baby stuff and feeding in initial days .

👉🏻always hold you abdomen before sneezing and cough.

👉🏻take pain relief tablets that are prescribed by doctors on time as it will help you to heal yourself.

👉🏻keep observing your incision ,if you find them red or swollen then consult your doctor.

👉🏻avoid stairs as it may lead to sore your incisions.

👉🏻support your abdomen during walk.

👉🏻 take vitamins and calcium .

👉🏻consult your doctor before getting intimate.

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