Be happy 😊

  1. Its not easy to implement in daily life because its time when people worry about everything.but still we should assume to be happy.
  2. Your smile can make your loveone ‘s life sparkle.
  3. Inspite of getting sad about unconditional and uncontrollable things its better to get about about unobtrusive things.
  4. Yes,its look foolish to laugh on unreasonable talks bt try its fun😉.
  5. Your smile can make wonders for your love one @my hubby nd kids smile that for me😊.
  6. Its upto you wether you choose to be happy and make your soul happy or get depressed…

Time is flying , everybody is busy … so be happy it now or nothing lets things go on there ways its your way 👉🏻

Tackle this life with 😃……

An unseen side of society….

Being a part of this wonderful world we watch out everything that are happening around us and even by the help of technology we are able to look out every single thing of whole world.

Its upto us what we actually want to see @

  • Like we gossip about people that they are enjoying holiday there and there instead of thinking and discussing about those who are suffering from cold nights giving up there lifes because of lack of home and clothes.
  • Being part of social media ,, we are interested in what people actually wearing , eating etc we automatically start comparing ourself lives with them instead of those who loses there lives due to hunger.

being a human its really not easy to get attracted towards rich and shiny its human lust for good and better things.

But still its time to take a look for a while to all unseen sides of society …to check out how lucky enough you are .

Yessss i use to get afraid…….

“Hain mai aaj b darrte hu” these are my soul words that come out whenever i read newspaper and whenever i watch news channel,, its heartbreaking to read and watch sad incidents regarding sexsual harrasment … being a women i felt so unsafe and helpless.., we all can just feel sad about it ,,, today i realise why people dnt support their daughter to fullfill their dream its just because of their safety concerns … we all believe in equality bt the surrounding creates so many bad experiences that forced people to think twice before allowing their daughters to move out side…. now being a parents i realise their concern … i am also feel shocks to see this kind of inhumanity by a human to another humans .

I really got disappointed ,, when i dnt kbw how to get over from all these … i wish something would change for that law needs to be revised ,,, its not going to be handle by only candle march,,, its time to take legal actions…

new hope will come with thought 🙏


Its 21 century, where everyone is moving towards meet the today’s scenario..where some are left behind…in puzzled relation ,,its really easy to say that time has changed ,, its time to give equal freedom to both the gender …lot of good sounded stuff is speaks out by our society towards modern society where everyone has the right to choose , judge , wear,accept, work etc … but in reality yes there is modernity in wearing branded clothes ,, choosing international schools , in choosing better grooming classes But in terms of thinking still people left backwards i.e. girls should not wear western clothes,,girls should learn cooking as it will help her in future , girl should bring nice percentage because everyone wants educated brides, girl should be beautiful ,,,otherwise there would be difficulties in marriage blah blahh…..🤪this is the awkward and backward disease from which our society is still suffering 😞…

I wish I could find a doctor who can cure it … dnt know how much time it all take to get vanished from this’s society,,,, because its irrelevant to our mindset ….