Talking …….. an art ………

Well , this is my most favourite topic as mostly people say I am damn talkative 🙂.

Basically, talking is conveying your thoughts and emotions to someone through communication.

Talking is an expression to express yourself to the people around you .

For me , talking is an attraction , that’s why people can relate to you , they listen you , they can like you and sometimes hate too but cannot ignores you .

Talking is an important tool in every situation as it may lead you to the best phase of situation and sometimes it may bring you down .

So , it’s really important for you to that “how you talk?”

Your talkings skills can make people fall in love with your positivity and at the same time , if your talking skills are not too good , it may bring negativity towards your attitude .

Talking is something that we all do , but still don’t you feel that few people’s talking style attracted you more compare to others , and few people talking way disappointed you .

It’s basically an art to rejoice others with the play of words .everyone is not blessed With this quality of talking .

You all must have noticed around you that , few people say anything wether it’s a good or bad talk , it doesn’t bother you , or i can say you understand them and trust their their thoughts while , if someone else said same things it may hurt you , disappointed you .

While both said the same thing , yes ! It’s just because of talking style of the person .

It’s talking persons ability to express their thoughts in a manner that it don’t hurt other and at same point tell their opinions.

So we should learn this art and grab all available love , positivity , care , friendship from people.

Like , even in business world a good manager need great communication skill.

And a great preacher also requires the great talking skills , so that he can influence people.

And most importantly , as a person you should talk good things , either you speak more or less , but it should be effective .

Few ways to enhance your talking skills :-

👍first rule of every talk is to have patience and learn to listen too .

👍 be careful and clear when you talk to someone.

👍either talk less or more , it should include positive content.

👍choose your words when you talk , better pieces of words can help you say things in nice way.

👍show your interest while you talk .

👍your words must have charm so that person too whom you talking feel happy.

👍 your gestures while talking must Support your talk .

👍be in brief but still specific while talking .

👍be natural and true while talking as your words depict your personality.

👍be kind through your words as , your words can change someone’s thoughts.


How to balance your life being a mother …..

Well , for being a mother is a 24*7days job that may need your help any time especially when the kids are too young.

So , it’s really difficult and at the same time different too for new mommies to how to balance their life after having babies .

Earlier , all you need is your comfort zone to do the things , time is your best player but after becoming a mother it’s all upto baby’s preferences like when they like to eat , sleep , play etc .

So , every mother should learn few hacks to balance their life and take out some time for their personal career too .

Here ( personal career is about your life goals and motives , it may include your hobby and passion too ).

Firstly , you need to analyse the pattern of baby’s routine.

That includes baby’s sleeping time , eating time , play time 😊 and if you have school going kids then it’s more important to follow their schedules.

I myself have two kids one is pre-schooler and one is younger .

So , I can relate how much difficulty one may face to balance your life with the kids , as their needs and requirements are different from each other at every specific time.

Toddlers need your help you every time .

Sometimes , there is a kind of rush in morning when , one is getting ready for school and toddler also wakeup at the same time .

So to reduce all the mess and bring a balance in your life you should go for these life hacks 👍:

👉🏻always prepares your next morning tasks before one night that may include Gathering of school uniforms , important files and other school stuff of kids.

👉🏻 set morning breakfast preparations chopping vegetables in advance at night so that in morning easygoing routine takes place.

👉🏻set proper routine for baby to sleep , as you can utilise that time for yourself .

👉🏻don’t take whole responsibility as an independent , please ask for help from partner and family.

👉🏻prepare easy and healthy recipe .

👉🏻 avoid unneeded stress and anger .

👉🏻 always try to spent time with your partner and share your experiences with him.

👉🏻ask kids to join your task , it would engage them and feel better.

👉🏻 at a moment feel it as most important job to do and don’t push too hard .

👉🏻take proper care of yourself so that health sickness may harm your doubting.

👉🏻provide a healthy environment to yourself and your family so that you can boost your work .

👉🏻 set your time accordingly to your comfort level as it shouldn’t becomes hectic to you .

👉🏻be flexible at your home task .

👉🏻 believe in giving simple and positive things to baby .

👉🏻make a special weekend plan for your family where you can go out from your zone and enjoy.

How to have a happy marriage life …..

It’s been five year of togetherness , and still i feel that we just started our relationship with full of all new experiences.

The best part for being in relationships is that when time fly and you don’t realise that .

When, still you feel that charm in your eyes for each other when you engage your eyes with each other .

And it’s about a chemistry that don’t need explanation to express.

Inspite of all fights and arguments you don’t give up your relation .

Well, mostly one question arise in every relationship that “you changed , before marriage you were not like that?”

And , for every one behalf , I am assuming that , the person does not change but the situation change , and as every relations grow you start assuming that you will understand their point without their consent .

And , I bet too you all understand those their reasons but still you want them to express .

That’s why a mess arise of misconceptions.

That lead to failure of marriage and relationships.

Main reason for failure of marriages are :

👉🏻due to misunderstanding and anger between relationships leads to bring conflicts.

👉🏻due to lack of time and trust also , people are unable to hold on things as it demoting their emotions.

👉🏻due to egotistical thoughts , partners don’t resist to their relationship as their ego constantly arises to their ways.

👉🏻due to influences of others too people are ruining their relationships on the basis of other’s talks.

👉🏻comparisons among same people also bringing a new concern that create a negativity impacts on relationships.

👉🏻there are so many small reasons that may lead to destruct your beautiful journey of your marriage life.

So , lets talk now about few steps and thing that can save your relationships and marriages :

👍be honest , as it’s a saying that honesty is the best policy , same it applies to relationships to that your true and honest dedication in every relation lead to a great bond .

👍 forgiveness , and unconditional love also play a really important role for boosting your relationships . Because forgiving small things lead to remove little mess that develop due to argument issues and if , you hold on things for more they lead to think you more negative .

👍try to resolve your conflicts but don’t stick to them again and again as it becomes frustrating to talk about same thing constantly.

👍be like pillar for each other , you two are incredible with each other so , your aim is incomplete without your partners.

👍show your love and affection and gratitude towards your partner as , it make them feel great and your beautiful compliment are priceless for them .

Guys one more this is ,,

👍time , this is the reason why mostly problems arise , so always try to get arrange a specific time for each other .

👍be frankly talk about your intimacy fantasies , as we all are human who are full of need of all desires . So , talk about them .

👍 try to get engaged in some task together , so that your minds also start relate to each other .

👍 trying to understand situation and problems and try to solve them out together .

👍 listen your favourite tracks together.

👍respect each other’s feeling .

👍try to bring something fresh with time to time like go for long drives , or small vacation.

👍small notes can do magic , so post or message small notes after every fight to show your concern .

I hope these points help you guys out .

Marriages is really a beautiful journey of two people , who promised to be together with all ups and downs of life .

Don’t ruin it due to small issues.

Thank you guys for reading it and please comment if you want to suggest something to it 🙏.

A letter to myself 😊

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great in your journey.

Well ,this was I wanted to share on my birthday (20 aug) .

But somehow delayed to post , it’s about myself .

I feel that we all should know how to make your day more beautiful , as it your own life .

People should believe the fact ” until you are not loving and caring yourself then how can you expect others to do the same for you”

So , be careful and thankful to yourself .

And time to time realise yourself that how important is you are .

Pamper your life with everything you want to do .

Treat yourself and surprise yourself by breaking all myths about your weaknesses.

Convert them to your strength by telling yourself that ” you are a strong person who can deal with everything ”

So , today I myself writing a letter to me.

Dear komal ,

today ( my birthday day ) was the when your journey starts from being a little girl to a teenager and now a women , you have experience almost most of the phase of your life from being daughter , sister , wife , daughter in law and now a mother .

All , I can say that you tried your best at every phase of your life , and your heart is really sensitive and generous.

You talk like chatterbox 🤣 when you talk , and you cry even after watching emotional scenes of movie , and laughs on every single lame jokes.

Your are kind of girl , who loves to be love 😍 , with her lifelines(my hubby and kids).

And even little filmy too .

Maybe something are not always in your favour but believe yourself and do things with genuinely for yourself and rest .

Your aim is for not getting something but your aim is to giving something .

It’s an art to get peace by making others happy .

Well , you know life is not always constant , all ups and downs are both relatable so , after every phase there would be change , accept that and live that as every thing happen for a good cause .

You are here for a special mission , to spread love and support , so believe what you want to do , then only you will be able to do that .

Your positivity and passion towards life will make you worthy in the eyes of god and your own conscience.

Learn to forgive and forget to those who have been doing wrong to you .

But, when things are above your head , stand for yourself .In playing the roles of wife and mother , you are forgetting your self love .

Be you , feel free , beautiful and happy .

That’s how you gonna make your life from now onwards .

Yours lovingly

Yourself 😊

How to deal with negativity……. or negative people….

Hello friends , i hope you are doing great 👍.

It’s Sunday , and today my hearts speak out loudly my heart thoughts to you all .

Well , today my topic is basically about how to not get affected by negativity arounds you .

I know , we cannot control someone’s thoughts so best way to get rid of those negative thought is to give best possible reply by your actions rather than your words .

Sometimes silence at a moment and best outcome give more powder full reply .

Mostly , negativity is not about always giving a harsh statement but some people showed you this with most soften words.

It’s doesn’t mean that person is wrong , and had the habit of making other disappointed .

But , sometimes it happens that you never got to know how your words affect someone’s life .

The reason is because they don’t realises their situation and don’t get that kind of atmosphere .

Because , if you find same response then only you get to know how little taunts and issues adversely affect someone nature and peace of mind .

I personally feel that sometimes our own failure and frustration and anger, fear dominate ourself and that all emotions becomes a negative energy that feel satisfaction by complaining , criticising and demoted someone’s self esteems .

So , don’t allow your peace of mind to be drained by someone’s negativity.

Here are few tips to deal with negativity or negative people :

👍firstly , analyse your circle and find out that from where a negativity is growing to your life .

When you analyse then get detached to that person as his major concern to make you feel angry and depressed on his own fake assume regarding you.

👍be calm and ignorance are best ways to deal with negative people because until you don’t give response their negativity block with themselves only .

👍 learn to smile to their predictions and statement as you know their intuition is just to ruin your confidence and healthy life.

👍sometimes be straight to the point and ask them some positivity from their life.

Like , what good deeds happens to them and all.

👍stay detached to their presence and to their talks about negative dramas.

Don’t indulge with them .

👍 be enthusiastic and put your energy into positive thoughts and emotions.

👍 when negativity is around you , ask your mind to stop focusing on that’s point .

👍 practice yourself to get feel confident and positive about everything about you as your confident persona become block for negativity.

👍 take your time and heal out all your negativity hearing from your mind , and only think about good people and good things regarding your life .

👍 sometimes you should ask them to no being so negative every time .

As may be your positive words too may affect a change in them .

Feeling blessed😊

Hi thank you all for all those who have glimpse of my blog .

Its really a proud feeling when you got 1000 likes on you blog.

Its been like motivation for me to do more work so that it get more love of yours.

Once again very big thank you to all🙏

Food recipes for toddlers 🍵

The most basic issue through which every mother goes through is the food that we can give to toddlers.

As , we cannot offer everything to them , we cannot leave them on milk only .

So , the question arise , what to serve to toddlers ?

And more important thing , the food must be very healthy .

It should include nutrients because at this phase babies are already going through their teething experience. So to reduce the risk of health issues we should give healthy diet to Toddlers so that they easily pass their teething phase .

Well , i personally use few recipes that really help out my baby during teething.

It’s always better to give small meals to toddlers , as due to teething they are irritated and avoid eating .

So the , food must include puréed so that it don’t hurt gums .

Food recipes for toddlers 👼🏻

👉🏻apple purée : apple 🍎 purée is really great for your toddlers as it’s help in boost the baby’s immune system and digestive system too .

So for making this purée you need :

👌an red apple that is raw and always go for organic fruits for baby .

👌now just peel off apple and stream it .

👌when apple become soft then grind into a healthy purée .

👌 now , lets it get cool and serve you baby 👶.

👉🏻daliya /gruel :

👌take one tablespoon of grind grain (Daliya)and mix one tablespoon of green gram .

👌now boil the mixture with one glass of water .

👌 boil it until it becomes softer .

👌now mash it into a purée and cool it .

👌 now serve it to your baby

I hope you guys like and your baby too👶

🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳Happy Independence Day🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Hello everyone , and a very happy Independence Day to all of you .

On 15 August 1947, India got freedom.

Well, today after so many years we are some how forgetting the sacrifices of all our freedom fighters.

Because , to get India 🇮🇳 free from Britishers , there are lot of people who go through every possible way to help our country to upgrade as an independent country .

But today , we all ourselves degrading it from various perspectives like now , our self rulers exploits our country resources .

Still , the poor are poorer and rich are richer.

And ,, exploiting its natural resources as well by pollution.

I feel , if those fighters were still alive then how they react as they fought an unbeatable battle for their country and today that’s how our country going .

Most terrifying disease is crime , from past to present there is an unbelievable increase .

Daily the number of murder , rape and theft cases are increasing.

I feel again , today on the 15 August 2018 we all together should promise to have a positive and upgraded country where females feel free to get out their house and where politics is not misused for selfish reasons.

And yes ! One more thing is about your Mother Earth pleases save it and try little things to make it better.

Plant trees , don’t use plastic and use water carefully .

Be thankful to all great spirits of freedom fighters who accomplished independent India 🇮🇳.

Now , youth its upto is that we again bring that revolution to change the scenario and make an effort to reduce every possible situation that degraded our country.

Happy Independence Day 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳👍👍

How to recover from c -section surgery

The journey of being mother is really exciting with lots of phases and emotions.

Being pregnant to giving birth to baby is also a beautiful phase .every pregnancy is different and issues regarding pregnancy are also different.

So , we cannot assume the possible delivery situation because sometimes due to some complications mother choose to have c section delivery , like due to breech position of baby and due to deficiency of water , and sometimes due to cord issues .

I myself gone through two c section surgery And my reason was regarding breech position of baby and due to water leakage from umbilical cord.

but nowadays , mother for painless delivery , also adopting c section surgery .

Basically , there are two ways of delivery of baby :

👍vaginal delivery

👍C section surgery

C section surgery is also surgery like other operation . In this also , doctors take various incisions .

Well , c section surgery is also not an easy way for any mother .because it’s a procedure where your skin is tearing from abdomen . And then threaded after bringing baby out and then you have to stay in hospital for 3-4 days.

So , to recover from c section surgery need little more care and time .

Ways to recover from c section surgery:

👉🏻take proper rest for at least six to seven weeks. As you should not put much effort to roam , as after c section surgery your body need little time to restore your energy so give proper rest to yourself then slowly start walking .

There must be no more movements that need more physical strength.

👉🏻drink plenty of water will be great way to get over your gastric problems after c section surgery .

👉🏻don’t sit for more duration of time , ask your spouse and family members to handling your baby , always try to take nap with baby .

👉🏻 taking nutritious diet will also help you to recover better , so include those things that are healthy for you and which increase your breastmilk .

You must Keep taking small healthy meals before breastfeed.

👉🏻relax yourself and enjoy your motherhood phase but don’t put too much effort take help from family to do baby stuff and feeding in initial days .

👉🏻always hold you abdomen before sneezing and cough.

👉🏻take pain relief tablets that are prescribed by doctors on time as it will help you to heal yourself.

👉🏻keep observing your incision ,if you find them red or swollen then consult your doctor.

👉🏻avoid stairs as it may lead to sore your incisions.

👉🏻support your abdomen during walk.

👉🏻 take vitamins and calcium .

👉🏻consult your doctor before getting intimate.

How to take care of baby during teething

Having a baby is something really an amazing experience.

As a baby bring all joyous things with them to family.every phase of parenting bring is incredible to live with as its with something very precious memorable incidence that will be remembered whole life.

So , inspite of all great milestones of babies journey , having first teething is very important. As it is the first phase of parenting that parents are worried about because it is the consequential part of baby’s health .

Mostly , every new mommies face lots of problems during babies first teething.

Well, teething is basically really crucial phase of every baby growth journey.

Still, every kid is unique and their teething experiences also .

Few kids go through lots of suffering and pain during their first teething but at same time some may have normal teething without any complication.

Mostly teething begin between 4th to 7th month baby .

But in few cases the month can be differ .

As my daughter got her first teeth during 12 month .so we cannot predicted anything exceptional are always now know more about teething , that how to recognise it .

Signs of teething

  • Drooling : when you feel that baby is drooling more than usually then this means baby is going to have first teething . So to avoid inconvenience use bib around baby neck .
  • Swollen gums :if you observe red gums and swollen that may be a sign of teething.
  • Grabbing everything into mouth to chew.
  • Irritated , when you observe that your child is getting more irritated rather than usually.
  • Avoid eating , during teething kids avoid eating .
  • Sullenness is also a sign , due to cranky gums kids avoid doing anything.
  • Red cheeks is also sign of teething.
  • Tugging ears.
  • Fussy in bedtime .
  • Fever and diarrhoea are also common signs found during teething.,

  • So , after knowing the teething signs ,here are few tips to relief your baby during teething .

Few home remedies to give some relief during teething

  • Use your clean finger to rub little honey on babies gum , as it gives some soothing relief to swollen gums .

  • You can use chilled teething ring and spoon to soothe babies gum .
  • If baby , have started eating solid then you can give cucumbers and carrots to baby to chew .
  • You should give a very healthy and nutritious diet to baby so that weakness don’t come along teething.
  • Give them proper rest .
  • Give them vitamins supplements that include vitamin D.

There are few medical help also can give relief but for that you must consult your doctor.

So , i hope that your phase of teething experience will become better .

I hope you all find it helpful thank you for reading and liking it 🙏