Why relationships failed?

Being in a great relationship is always everyone’s desire. When you are going to be in a relationship then naturally your imagination about having a really magical love story arise in your dreams,where everyone expect to be feel most important person of their partners life .

And in most of the cases , it happens too that during the early phase of relationship everyone gives too much importance and extra attention and love towards their time but as time passes mostly relationships faces lots of up and downs.

And most likely , complain comes out from each partner is feeling the change in their partners behaviour.

It’s really sad to watch people who loved each other most sometimes get disheartened by their loved ones only .

And time issues are also there .

It’s really not about to accompany each other every time but still have some quality time with each other that you can understand from what phase and situations you are going through.

So main reason for relationships failure are :

💔dis loyalty is the today’s most crucial phase of every relationship as nowadays partners mostly feel cheated .

💔misunderstanding are the little things that instigating troubles in a relationship.

Sometimes just to leave the things to be done on their self only create scene.

Its better to communicate what you feel to your partner.

💔 due to one sided endless efforts … hopes get down when constant effort can affect their partners.

💔lack of time is main reason that today’s relationship fail mostly.

💔distrustful relationship also fails badly as partners always stay in a fear to get disheartened.

💔 sometimes self-centredness By partners also make betrayal in partners mind.

💔 inspite with time together relationships become boring rather than grow.

💔 argues and comparisons from other’s relationships also frustrating.

💔 space in relationships are also becoming a very big concern as nobody wanted to feel conserved in any boundaries.


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