Expectations in relationships

Well , being in a beautiful relationship with our partner,still sometimes few things create complications and that tends to feel bad about your relationship experiences.

As life don’t stay constant and I personally feel that there must be some change but all those experiences must lead to positivity in your Relationship.

Well , one thing that definitely struck to your relationship is expectations .

Basically expectations in relationship is all about wanting from your love one to do something for you unconditionally.

When you are in relationship, it’s a fact that you automatically start expecting .

And , it’s just so naturally arise, because we somehow internally started it in our mind to have everything that’s a perfect relationship have .

But , one more fact about life is that ” there is nothing like perfect in this world .

It’s just a phase and time that’s a combination of all up and down moments.

You can’t control few things they just happen , so don’t get disappointed.

You must focus that are in your hand and that help you to bring best relationship.

Even , it’s not necessary that every time expectation leads to destruct you feeling , in many ways it help you to boost to your relationships.

So , while you experience an expectation you must do few that thing that may lead your relationship to a longer life.

💁‍♀️ firstly , always try to speak out your feeling and expectation to your love one’s.it helps you both to know what you actually feel and hope to have in your relationships.

💁‍♀️just don’t relay on someone’s only to feel good , take care of yourself too.

Don’t feel sad , listen your self core , that your existence is basically for yourself only . Feel it and work your own for your happiness.

💁‍♀️ sometimes , just give time and space in your relationships. Let’s miss your partner and let them miss you too.

It leads to boost your value in relationships .

💁‍♀️ feel related and try to understand situation , as sometimes there must be some misunderstanding .

💁‍♀️never hide your desires , as may be not every one can read your heart .

Common express them .

It’s great way to know their too.

6 thoughts on “Expectations in relationships

  1. It took several years of soul-searching for me to realize that my husband abandoned me in Brazil because I had failed to fulfill his expectations. I believe that only in a relationship of complete trust, respect, and acceptance of the other will we be able to express our real expectations of our partner.

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