How to increase the babies weight 👍

Most of the mother’s are getting too tense myself feel bad , when I watch my daughter , because she is consistently getting weak and she is also under weight category due to continuous sickness.

After being so careful regarding my kids am not getting enough results as being a mother I feel sad to see a negative impact on my kids health .

So , I use different approaches to increase the weight of my baby .

And not just me but her doctor is also got upset by her constant under weight .

So , then doctor and I take a challenge to get her back to her actual required weight.

What are causes of constant weight :

👎 fussy baby in eating habits.

👎bottle feeding is also a sign if your baby is not getting enough.

👎due to lack of food choices.

👎 due to illness.

👎 due to poor diet .

Tips to increase the babies weight:)

👍 firstly , keep giving those good items that are enriched in fats so it helps them to boost their weight.

👍secondary, make a routine and chart of items to be served timely to your baby either baby demands or not.

👍 if still there is no way arise then consult doctor for appetite syrup.

🥗🥗 food that helps you to increase babies weight are 🙂

🥗 banana 🍌 helps to attain a healthy weight gain.

🥗ghee and butter are very helpful in weight gain of babies.

🥗 potatoes are enriched in carbohydrates that result fats in babies .

🥗milk and dairy products also help in weight gain.

🥗sweet potatoes are also good source of wight gain and it’s enriched in carbohydrates.

🥗 dry fruits and nuts 🥜.

🥗avocado are really great for weight as well as it full fill every deficiency.

🥗 ragi is also great for babies health and it’s very digestive as well.

4 thoughts on “How to increase the babies weight 👍

  1. Good information. I suppose it would be wise to test some of the foods for allergies too. For instance, there is a sizable number allergic to peanuts and peanut butter, and even identify potential other issues like gluten and celiac. 🙂

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