How to deal with exams pressure …..

Exams basically a scary thing that mostly students think..the more you fear the more it make you scared.

Firstly , just forget about your marks as they don’t predict your capabilities.

But believe in yourself and learn the things thoroughly .

Relax your mind and be concerned towards your goal and don’t keep sitting for hours due to fear of exams.

Meditate for few times and make your mind clear that your aim a long process .

Feel free to discuss your pressure with your parents and teachers.

Let them know your fear … if you are not prepared well then still don’t worry , lets take it as surprise exam for yourself.

And be honest to yourself , it’s not necessary to study for non stop hours but more than that , it important that your focus should be on quality I.e how much you get .

How much you understand ?

If you can grab more standardised quality in less time then it’s great .

Never set time for studying purposes , you should set topic that you have to be done .

Few tips to be taken during exams:

📕don’t make exams a horrible approach in your mind .

📕now , set goals to be covered .

📕 follow a well set routine that includes breaks too.

📕always stick to your hobbies as they give you peace of moment .

📕 be attentive during your study experience.

📕be careful towards your health to as healthy mind focuses more.

📕take proper sleep too , as it refreshed your minds stability.

📕 don’t focus to cover everything if you don’t have much time , focus more what ever you already know.

📕 it’s always better that you keep revising your syllabus.

📕 make key points for every chapter .

📕don’t skip your daily study routines.

📕take exams as your situation identifier, like it helps to know you where you are lack and where you are doing great.

📕 take help from teachers and friends in discussing difficult topics.

📕 practice more rather then relying only on formulas.

📕you can study with some soft music too.

🙏 I hope it’s useful for you.


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