🍠🍠Easy and healthy Food 🥘recipes for toddlers 🥣🥣🍎🍎

Well , after completing six months baby can be severe with new healthy meals that are good for toddlers growth .

Basically , all new mommies are feel curious and confused to know what to give , how to give and when to give .

Being a new mother your concern is true too .

So we are here basically with few food hacks that’s are very easy and at the same time very healthy for toddlers :

1.🥗 apple purée

So all you need is one apple 🍎 now just peel off the apple

And cut it into 4 pieces and remove seeds .

Now , stream it for 5-10 min as it got soft cool it and grind it into purée.

Now …👍 serve to your baby .

It is great source for digestion and it’s very healthy.

2.🥗 cereals purée

All you need is two three types of cereals like:moom ki dal , masoor ki dal , and green lentils .

Now soak them for half hour.

And now fry it with one take tablespoons ghee in jeera and hing (for gastric issues)

And add triple amount water of cereal you take .

Add little turmeric and little salt .

Now , cook it for 2 whistle of pressure cooker .

3🥗 semolina kheer :

All you need 🙂

2 table spoon semolina.

1little spoon ghee

1/2 spoon sugar

One glass milk

Now , process is 🙂

Firstly , fry semolina in ghee until it get brown , then pour milk into it and boil it for 10 min .

See the consistency , as it should not be too thick nor too liquid , I mean it should be in appropriate proportions for your baby .

Then , add little sugar into it .

🥣 it is great source for weight gain of baby.

4.🥗porridge and daliya :

All you need is : green lentils 1table spoon.

Rice one tablespoon

Daliya one tablespoon .

Now , roast three of them for few min .

Now boil it with triple quantities of water .

Add little turmeric and salt for taste .

Keep checking it , boil it until it becomes soft.

Now , serves it .

I hope you guys like to try these recipes and may be your baby enjoy it too .🙏🙏🙏🙏

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