👶👶👶👶How to increase the appetite of fussing baby’s…..👶👶👶👶👶

Now ,more than 50 percent of the mothers are going through with one common problem that is ” our kid don’t eat anything?”.

Well , that’s true too ,where mothers wishes to full fill to build an healthy diet for their kids , but kids refusing their meals .

And for every mother , it’s a very big concern .

As due to Poor appetite , baby’s immune system get affected and their growth also slow down .

And mostly easily grabbed by sickness.

And their body is easily influenced by deficiencies.

Inspite mother’s differed trial techniques of making baby eat getting failed .

So , firstly we should find out the causes of low appetite of your body 🙂

👶 due to illness and pain , it may b possible that if your child’s diet vary that may be because of sickness and his heart , is not taking food.

👶 due to zinc deficiency in baby’s body .

👶 due to poor physical activities , also there is low diet because of baby don’t put some effort on his body then how the hunger feeling come .

👶 due to too much dependency on milk products also , the demand for solid foods decrease.

So it would be better to set a limit of milk during meals routine.

👶due to kids fond for junk foods also fills their stomach . And after having chips and chocolate , their need for nutritious foods decline .

👶indigestion and gastric issues may also reason for less appetite.

👶intestinal worms can also a reason for low appetite .

👶 one more reasons can be a picky and choosy kid that goes for only few selected foods only .

So these are few reasons that are consequences of the low appetite among the kids.

Now , after knowing these reasons , we will definitely work on few necessary things that will help us to attain a healthy and effective change in babies appetite .

So here are some things you have to do 🙂

🌽 don’t stick with this issue that he /she is not eating , just make sure that kids are only taking that much he required.

🌽 include zinc containing food items to the meals of baby .

For example :nuts , spinach,mushrooms, pumpkin seeds etc .

🌽never skip a break fast of baby as it help in increase in metabolism that increase appetite.

🌽 try new innovative food recipes to attract kids.

🌽offer something after every 2- hours.

🌽restrict junk food at home .

🌽add yoghurt or curd to kids meals.

🌽 use kitchen products that help in gastric and indigestion problems like hing , ajwain , jeera and saoof to your food recipes.

🌽 peanuts are really booster of appetite .

And still you find that your baby is constantly on decline mode and losses his weight then you should go for a good doctor that may find out exact reason and advise some medication help to boost appetite of baby .

note:information is based upon personal experiences .

🙏 hope you guys it helpful if yes then pleasereview.

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