How to take care of weak kids 👶👶👶

Well , “weak kids” are basically those whose appetite is low and who mostly grabbed by sickness , whose growth and immune system is easily get affected by flu, viruses and infections.

And their weight is always under the required weights according to age.

It’s really sad to watch out kids suffering from sickness and you worries multiply when you see that kids are not getting enough supplements due to poor appetite.

Weakness stays along with them , they easily get tired and leg cramps are mostly become their health issues.

And due to weakness , kids are becoming annoying and frustrated , they easily get angry and cried for no reasons .

Their , internally weakness makes them more irritated.

They ignore playing , and opt for watching television more and phones.

As their physical strength easily slow down .

It’s really important for parents to get out their kids from this weakness phase and improve their health issues.

Firstly , recognition of the weak kids :

🔴 kids whose are always underweight as per their age.

🔴 kids who easily fall sick due to minor change in weather.

🔴 kids whose appetite is very low as per age requirement.

🔴kids who cry a lot due to unnecessary reasons.

🔴 kids whose immune system is very weak .

🔴kids who easily get tired by any physical activities.

🔴 kids , who mostly complain leg pains.

So , these are few signs that may help you identify that your kid is a weak kid.

So , it’s basically a concern , as if today’s growth is poor then how we could expect a healthy growth in future .

So , it’s better to work today on health of you kid so that definitely tomorrow of your kid will remain healthy.

Now here are few tips that will help your kid to grow and Becomes healthy as well :

🔵 try new healthy diet and new recipes for your change the dish taste and texture by transforming same ingredients to something healthy and tasty for your kids choice.

🔵 ask your kids to do physical activities so , automatically they will start feeling hungry by performing hard work.

🔵serve more fruits and vegetables by mixing boiled vegetables in chapatis and fruits with boiled purred.

🔵consult with kids specialist about the causes of weakness it may be due to premature baby’s birth and it can be because of flopping kids that relay on milk bottle feeding and avoid eating .

🔵add semolina kheer and other recipes to your list , it helps in increasing baby’s weight andgrowth.

🔵keep offering little meals to your kids either they feel hungry or not .

🔵 take your kids for walk and allow them to do physical activities so that by utilities their energy they may start feel hungry.

🔵 you should full fill all nutrition that are required as per their age .

🔵 porridge , chapatis, bread, semolina , fruits , vegetables and dry nuts and seeds should be included their food routine.

🔵sometimes don’t force them , just let themselves go for food.

Few food hacks you can use for your kids meals:)

🥗 boil vegetables and grind them into purée , now you can use that purée in making dough .

Now , here you can make veggie roti , paratha and poori, what ever your kid ask for .

🥗 take semolina and now fry it with little ghee and now make kheer (dessert) .

It’s really healthy and great for weight gain of kids.

🥗 take green lentil 2tablespoon and now add 2tablespoon gruel (daliya ).

Now , fry them with few cumin seeds in oil, now boil with adequate water (mix turmeric and salt as per salt )

Until it cooked soft.

If you guys like then please reviews then I will bring more recipes.


4 thoughts on “How to take care of weak kids 👶👶👶

  1. This is the labour of love. The worst thing would be to increase the non-physical activity time (More e-toys and TV) and to get the kids more American and European-style simple carb foods, like pizza and burgers. Your sticking to a traditional regimen and having more physical activities are essential for any child’s well-being.

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