How to improve the immune system of baby 👶 💪🏻

As the weathers changes , being a mother your concern rises for your baby’s health .

Is your child too get easily affected by the non toxic environment ?

Is you baby mostly get sick ?

Is cold and flu mostly grab your toddler ?

If , your answer is yes , then surely there is a weak immune system of baby that causes infections again and again .

So , to battle with virus and bacteria , you should work on rebuilding your baby’s immune system so that growth of baby don’t affect due to sickness .

Being a mother , I myself concern about my babies health , as they too easily grabbed by cold and cough in every weather .

So , lets together help each other to take few tips to make the baby’s immune system strong :-

💪🏻 the most important thing that help your kids to boost their immune system is severing fruits and vegetables to your kids in various ways so that they easily consume them .

Fruits and vegetables are enriched in vitamin c that helps to boost baby’s immune system.

💪🏻 follow a hygiene routine for yourself and while handling your baby and even teach your kids to use liquid wash for hand wash , the more precaution is work as cure .

💪🏻 always try to set a sleep routine for your kids , as taking rest is also help your baby to relax their body .

💪🏻and if you are breast feeding your baby then , it’s really good for baby as mother’s milk is work well for baby’s health .

It has capability to fight against virus and bacteria.

The very first milk of a mother , which is yellowish is work magical for babies .

💪🏻 look around that , the environment should be toxic free . As infections can be transmitted from breathing .

So , providing a good healthy environment is a good way to boost your baby’s immune system.

Now , here are few preventable tools that you can use :

🍎 give your baby a nutritious diet.

🍏 you can ask paediatric for nutritional supplements , that help to build immunity.

🍎 vaccines you baby timely to avoid inconvenience and sickness .

🍏 a healthy mental attitude also help to serves healthy meals.

🍎 by providing a healthy and clean environment.

🍏exercising or playing also helps body to attain immune system.

I hope these tips , may work for you too .

Now , lets get know what food we should give our kids that help to build strong immune system :

🥦 broccoli is enriched in vitamins so you should introduce to your baby’s meals .

🥜 almonds are great sources of omega 3 fats that helps to kill germs back .

🍥yoghurt also a good source for healthy immunity.

🍠sweet potatoes are also very healthy so introduce them to your kids meals.

🥚eggs is also great for toddlers and kids .

🥗spinach leafy vegetables recipes do wonder for your kids growth.

🥣oatmeal also beneficial for your kids.

Dry seeds are too helpful for them.

Well these are some simple and good thing that we can do to make our kids grow healthy 🙏


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