Live …every moment

Hello friends , from past few months there are certain thing that changed too furiously that i don’t get time to analyse the thing as these changes or incidents are not in our control..

Life is so unpredictable that our all plan can be failed. Today i am going to share my life experience with you all .

In my family , there is a in laws aunty, who is very active and punctual towards her health care. Full of happiness and she is blessed with every luxury . She is kind and very hardworking women . In her family , her younger daughter was about to marry.

All wedding preparations were held .

Everything was booked. And as it was youngest daughter marriage so everyone want to celebrate it big as it would be last wedding of her kids.

then in between all happy moments and preparation aunty got brain attack in which her half side of body get paralysis.

Some how doctors’ save her life but from last 9 months she is on bed ,,, cant eat , walk , talk ..she just become a body that can’t express her tear too,,😞

After this incidence i got so numb that what should i plan , expect from future when you never know about next seconds.

So just live every moment like it never gonna come and cherish it as you can express it in your own ways.

I hope aunty get well soon ,,, and god gave her strength to battle her disease.

So guys give your love to your love ones , never bring your ego to any relation.

I got a direction from this incidence hope you too understand 🙏


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