How to take care of baby during viral fever …..

Well , as weather take a turn then instantly all viruses and bacteria get an alarm to attack around.

It’s a very small change in weather and the consequences are fever and viral fevers .

Mostly toddlers and kids are get affected by this weather changes because of poor immune system .

Now , there is a increase in humidity that causing increase in viruses and bacteria .

And these viruses caused fever , diarrhoea , viral fever etc problem in baby .

It’s really sad to watch the kids from going through these situations .

So firstly let’s recognise the symptoms of viral fever 🤒 in babies:

🤒baby’s temperature is more than 100.1 F , even after giving medicine.

🤒baby also gone through congestion and cold .

🤒 redness in the eyes of the baby .

🤒low appetite of the baby .

🤒 shivering from cold .

🤒 fever stays for 4-5 days continuously on particular time .


🤒Rashes and itching.

If you find these symptoms are matching with your baby’s problem then , it may be a viral fever .

So , you should give shots of flu to your baby and toddlers .

And there are few precautions you must follow during viral fever of baby :

😷 viral fever are suspected by viruses that are transferred from one person to another so always ask people in your family to wear mask if they going through fever .

🤗 always use sanitizer and keep your baby hygiene .

👶keep baby’s environment temperature normal .

👶 use mosquito control gadgets and tools to avoid them .

👶 always give boiled water to the kids .

👶 make your kids wear full sleeved shirt and bottoms when go out for play .

👶 use different ways and food to increase the immune system of your baby .

👶 vaccines flu shots Timely.

So , if we all take these little precautions then at some extent we can save our kids from fever and infections .

And , still if your child still gabbed by the flu then here are some basic things you must follow to avoid inconvenience :

🍎 if you find that baby’s temperature is more than 100.1 F then you must consult paediatric for help .

🍎 keep giving warm water and soup to your baby as it help baby to soothe their sore throat.

🍎 use vapourware for soothing baby’s congestion.

🍎if body temperature is too hot then use wet cloth to cool down body temperature .

🍎 provide ORS to baby to avoid dehydration.

🍎let rest your kid more than usual.

🍎be hygienic in handling baby .

I hope you guys find it helpful 🙏.


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