How to get clear and healthy skin ….☘️☘️

Hmm …This is the most important topic that we all mostly discuss with each other and try to know , that what we should do to get a clear and glowing skin.

But it is really difficult to get a clear skin nowadays because of pollution and Due to lack of proper care and busy schedule people are unable to take care of their skin .

And , basically depending only on cosmetic items is not the only solution .

I personally always prefer natural thing but nature is only were best friend that have always perfect solutions for our everyday problems .

So , when the problem is about skin , then also I go for natural remedies .

Sometimes , due to lack of proper diet and care , our skin loose the charm and glow that we naturally have .

So here are few tips to take care of your skin :

🌿drink at least two litre water in a day .

🌿avoid oily and junk food .

🌿include more vegetables and fruits to your meals .

🌿eat dry fruits , they enrich your skin.

🌿exfoliate your skin twice in a week .

🌿 use natural products .

🌿 don’t depend too much on artificial cosmetic.

🌿always remove your makeup before you go to bed .

🌿 give you skin time to oxide itself .

🌿 clean your face mostly with raw milk .

So , guys these are small tips that can bring a big change to you skin to more glowing .

With these tips you must try this natural face masks for a constant healthy skin .

So secret recipe for glowing skin is :

Ingredients :

🍓rice powder (1tablespoon )

🍓Coffee powder (1tablespoon)

🍓Rose petals dry (1/2 table spoon crushed into powder)

🍓Curd (1 table spoon)

🍓Lentil powder( 1/2 table spoon)

Now , mix all the ingredients into a smooth paste and apply on your face and neck .[note:for sensitive skin scrub gently]

After 15 minutes , wash your face with lukewarm water .

It’s definitely a magical experience for you all I hope .

It’s worth more than any cream or serums.

If the reviews and outcomes will be good then I will definitely share my new secret recipes soon .

Please read and try .


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