Janamasthami celebrations 🎉

This year on 3 September 2018 , we are celebrating the birthday of lord krishna .

Basically , on this asthami lord krishna ji take birth (janam ). That’s why it is called Janamasthami.

Whole Hindus celebrates this occasion very specially .

Different kind of sweets are prepared for offering to the krishna ji as bhog .

It is believed that , lord krishna arrived in world on this day to vanish the sinners like kansh .

He came with positive hopes and dreams to create a great world that is correlated with love and sympathy for each other .

There are numerous stories available in Bhagwat geeta of krishna ji where a biography of lord krishna is provided.

Bhagwat geeta is basically a way for positive energy and direction for your life .

It almost includes all solutions of your life .

Devotees are madly in love with krishna ji .

He is like magnet that attracts everything towards them .

The more you think about krishna the more you love him .

I myself a truly blessed devotee of lord krishna .

His bal gopal roop ( kids look) is magical .

I also have his this roop , and he is became part of my life .

That’s how he look :

on this day (Janamasthami) , mostly people keep fasting to please lord krishna and hope for peace and prosperity in their life .

There are two types of fasting people do are :

🎉Nirjal fasting , in this devotees don’t drink and eat anything whole day .they keep worshiping lord krishna mantra and enchanting Bhagwat geeta .

🎉phalahar fasting , in this devotees can drink water and milk and even they can have fruits in afternoon.they also keep worshiping lord krishna ji .

The basic mantra of lord krishna ji :

Om bhagwateh Vashu devay namah :

And fast is completed when you look the moon at night , it’s believed that krishna ji take birth at midnight .so in midnight krishna Ji’s puja is perform and panch amrit is offered to ladoo gopal ji .

His all forms and looks are really soothing to watch .

Little kids are dressed up like ladoo gopal ji .

may krishna bless you all with his love 💕

Happy Janamasthami to alll 🙏


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