How to make baby sleep easily 😴👶

When you are new in your motherhood journey the thing that most of the mothers face is sleeping issues .

Because babies are unable to depict a specific time for sleeping , and even few babies show little more tantrums to sleep .

So , being a mother it’s really important for you to analyse a particular idea so that you can make baby sleep easily.and now , making now you can utilise your time for other work .

Well , firstly try to find out the reason , that why baby is no sleeping inspite of being sleep ?

Then , after analyses try different ways and trick to soothe baby’s mood and make them sleep .

Analyse the problem of the baby sleep :

👉🏻may be babies tummy is not full and he/she must be hungry can be a reason for not sleeping .

👉🏻sometimes due to constipation also baby feel uncomfortable and cause problems in sleeping.

👉🏻due to improper room temperature , may be room is either too cool or too hot as per baby’s requirement.

👉🏻due to lack of sleep pattern routine.

👉🏻may be due to pee .

Mostly , for infants is basically difficult to recognising the difference between a day and night but gradually after 2-3 months they start observing the routine you provide to them .

And it’s about to providing a proper routine to get in habit of the baby .

Baby more than 4 months start observing the sleeping pattern and they can sleep whole night .

Just feed them in between.

Sleeping is very essential for babies for healthy as well as for brain development of baby .

So here are few tips to make baby sleep easily .

Tips for making baby sleep easily :

👍firstly , always set a sleeping routine for baby .when you create a proper time for every then slowly baby also start adapting the routine and on specific time they will start feeling sleep and may be sleep by their own .

👍 then , feed the baby and fill his tummy .if the baby is hungry then how he/she would sleep , so before making baby sleep checks baby tummy .

One simple trick is : check the lines on baby’s tummy of skin if their are many lines that means baby is hungry .

👍make a healthy room temperature and atmosphere for baby , as it helps baby to soothe their body and give relax .

👍switch off lights and provide a comfortable space for baby , it helps baby to recognise the difference between day and night shift.

👍 let baby play before sleep so that he / she sleeps their own .once , baby get tired after playing their ways then naturally their body starts need rest .

👍 you can use different poems and Lorri to sing for baby and make them sleep easily.

I hope this tips help you to make your baby sleep easily .


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