Talking …….. an art ………

Well , this is my most favourite topic as mostly people say I am damn talkative 🙂.

Basically, talking is conveying your thoughts and emotions to someone through communication.

Talking is an expression to express yourself to the people around you .

For me , talking is an attraction , that’s why people can relate to you , they listen you , they can like you and sometimes hate too but cannot ignores you .

Talking is an important tool in every situation as it may lead you to the best phase of situation and sometimes it may bring you down .

So , it’s really important for you to that “how you talk?”

Your talkings skills can make people fall in love with your positivity and at the same time , if your talking skills are not too good , it may bring negativity towards your attitude .

Talking is something that we all do , but still don’t you feel that few people’s talking style attracted you more compare to others , and few people talking way disappointed you .

It’s basically an art to rejoice others with the play of words .everyone is not blessed With this quality of talking .

You all must have noticed around you that , few people say anything wether it’s a good or bad talk , it doesn’t bother you , or i can say you understand them and trust their their thoughts while , if someone else said same things it may hurt you , disappointed you .

While both said the same thing , yes ! It’s just because of talking style of the person .

It’s talking persons ability to express their thoughts in a manner that it don’t hurt other and at same point tell their opinions.

So we should learn this art and grab all available love , positivity , care , friendship from people.

Like , even in business world a good manager need great communication skill.

And a great preacher also requires the great talking skills , so that he can influence people.

And most importantly , as a person you should talk good things , either you speak more or less , but it should be effective .

Few ways to enhance your talking skills :-

👍first rule of every talk is to have patience and learn to listen too .

👍 be careful and clear when you talk to someone.

👍either talk less or more , it should include positive content.

👍choose your words when you talk , better pieces of words can help you say things in nice way.

👍show your interest while you talk .

👍your words must have charm so that person too whom you talking feel happy.

👍 your gestures while talking must Support your talk .

👍be in brief but still specific while talking .

👍be natural and true while talking as your words depict your personality.

👍be kind through your words as , your words can change someone’s thoughts.


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