How to balance your life being a mother …..

Well , for being a mother is a 24*7days job that may need your help any time especially when the kids are too young.

So , it’s really difficult and at the same time different too for new mommies to how to balance their life after having babies .

Earlier , all you need is your comfort zone to do the things , time is your best player but after becoming a mother it’s all upto baby’s preferences like when they like to eat , sleep , play etc .

So , every mother should learn few hacks to balance their life and take out some time for their personal career too .

Here ( personal career is about your life goals and motives , it may include your hobby and passion too ).

Firstly , you need to analyse the pattern of baby’s routine.

That includes baby’s sleeping time , eating time , play time 😊 and if you have school going kids then it’s more important to follow their schedules.

I myself have two kids one is pre-schooler and one is younger .

So , I can relate how much difficulty one may face to balance your life with the kids , as their needs and requirements are different from each other at every specific time.

Toddlers need your help you every time .

Sometimes , there is a kind of rush in morning when , one is getting ready for school and toddler also wakeup at the same time .

So to reduce all the mess and bring a balance in your life you should go for these life hacks 👍:

👉🏻always prepares your next morning tasks before one night that may include Gathering of school uniforms , important files and other school stuff of kids.

👉🏻 set morning breakfast preparations chopping vegetables in advance at night so that in morning easygoing routine takes place.

👉🏻set proper routine for baby to sleep , as you can utilise that time for yourself .

👉🏻don’t take whole responsibility as an independent , please ask for help from partner and family.

👉🏻prepare easy and healthy recipe .

👉🏻 avoid unneeded stress and anger .

👉🏻 always try to spent time with your partner and share your experiences with him.

👉🏻ask kids to join your task , it would engage them and feel better.

👉🏻 at a moment feel it as most important job to do and don’t push too hard .

👉🏻take proper care of yourself so that health sickness may harm your doubting.

👉🏻provide a healthy environment to yourself and your family so that you can boost your work .

👉🏻 set your time accordingly to your comfort level as it shouldn’t becomes hectic to you .

👉🏻be flexible at your home task .

👉🏻 believe in giving simple and positive things to baby .

👉🏻make a special weekend plan for your family where you can go out from your zone and enjoy.


7 thoughts on “How to balance your life being a mother …..

  1. I don’t have children yet but someday I’d love to! I’ll deff look back on this post when I do! I hear so many different stories about pregnancy. I hope one day I’m blessed to be able to get pregnant ( I believe children are blessings), but also I hope I can handle it if it happens! Something tells me once it does, I’ll need a waste basket by my side constantly lol. 😂Thanks for the post ❤️

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