How to have a happy marriage life …..

It’s been five year of togetherness , and still i feel that we just started our relationship with full of all new experiences.

The best part for being in relationships is that when time fly and you don’t realise that .

When, still you feel that charm in your eyes for each other when you engage your eyes with each other .

And it’s about a chemistry that don’t need explanation to express.

Inspite of all fights and arguments you don’t give up your relation .

Well, mostly one question arise in every relationship that “you changed , before marriage you were not like that?”

And , for every one behalf , I am assuming that , the person does not change but the situation change , and as every relations grow you start assuming that you will understand their point without their consent .

And , I bet too you all understand those their reasons but still you want them to express .

That’s why a mess arise of misconceptions.

That lead to failure of marriage and relationships.

Main reason for failure of marriages are :

👉🏻due to misunderstanding and anger between relationships leads to bring conflicts.

👉🏻due to lack of time and trust also , people are unable to hold on things as it demoting their emotions.

👉🏻due to egotistical thoughts , partners don’t resist to their relationship as their ego constantly arises to their ways.

👉🏻due to influences of others too people are ruining their relationships on the basis of other’s talks.

👉🏻comparisons among same people also bringing a new concern that create a negativity impacts on relationships.

👉🏻there are so many small reasons that may lead to destruct your beautiful journey of your marriage life.

So , lets talk now about few steps and thing that can save your relationships and marriages :

👍be honest , as it’s a saying that honesty is the best policy , same it applies to relationships to that your true and honest dedication in every relation lead to a great bond .

👍 forgiveness , and unconditional love also play a really important role for boosting your relationships . Because forgiving small things lead to remove little mess that develop due to argument issues and if , you hold on things for more they lead to think you more negative .

👍try to resolve your conflicts but don’t stick to them again and again as it becomes frustrating to talk about same thing constantly.

👍be like pillar for each other , you two are incredible with each other so , your aim is incomplete without your partners.

👍show your love and affection and gratitude towards your partner as , it make them feel great and your beautiful compliment are priceless for them .

Guys one more this is ,,

👍time , this is the reason why mostly problems arise , so always try to get arrange a specific time for each other .

👍be frankly talk about your intimacy fantasies , as we all are human who are full of need of all desires . So , talk about them .

👍 try to get engaged in some task together , so that your minds also start relate to each other .

👍 trying to understand situation and problems and try to solve them out together .

👍 listen your favourite tracks together.

👍respect each other’s feeling .

👍try to bring something fresh with time to time like go for long drives , or small vacation.

👍small notes can do magic , so post or message small notes after every fight to show your concern .

I hope these points help you guys out .

Marriages is really a beautiful journey of two people , who promised to be together with all ups and downs of life .

Don’t ruin it due to small issues.

Thank you guys for reading it and please comment if you want to suggest something to it 🙏.


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