A letter to myself ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great in your journey.

Well ,this was I wanted to share on my birthday (20 aug) .

But somehow delayed to post , it’s about myself .

I feel that we all should know how to make your day more beautiful , as it your own life .

People should believe the fact ” until you are not loving and caring yourself then how can you expect others to do the same for you”

So , be careful and thankful to yourself .

And time to time realise yourself that how important is you are .

Pamper your life with everything you want to do .

Treat yourself and surprise yourself by breaking all myths about your weaknesses.

Convert them to your strength by telling yourself that ” you are a strong person who can deal with everything ”

So , today I myself writing a letter to me.

Dear komal ,

today ( my birthday day ) was the when your journey starts from being a little girl to a teenager and now a women , you have experience almost most of the phase of your life from being daughter , sister , wife , daughter in law and now a mother .

All , I can say that you tried your best at every phase of your life , and your heart is really sensitive and generous.

You talk like chatterbox ๐Ÿคฃ when you talk , and you cry even after watching emotional scenes of movie , and laughs on every single lame jokes.

Your are kind of girl , who loves to be love ๐Ÿ˜ , with her lifelines(my hubby and kids).

And even little filmy too .

Maybe something are not always in your favour but believe yourself and do things with genuinely for yourself and rest .

Your aim is for not getting something but your aim is to giving something .

It’s an art to get peace by making others happy .

Well , you know life is not always constant , all ups and downs are both relatable so , after every phase there would be change , accept that and live that as every thing happen for a good cause .

You are here for a special mission , to spread love and support , so believe what you want to do , then only you will be able to do that .

Your positivity and passion towards life will make you worthy in the eyes of god and your own conscience.

Learn to forgive and forget to those who have been doing wrong to you .

But, when things are above your head , stand for yourself .In playing the roles of wife and mother , you are forgetting your self love .

Be you , feel free , beautiful and happy .

That’s how you gonna make your life from now onwards .

Yours lovingly

Yourself ๐Ÿ˜Š


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