Food recipes for toddlers 🍵

The most basic issue through which every mother goes through is the food that we can give to toddlers.

As , we cannot offer everything to them , we cannot leave them on milk only .

So , the question arise , what to serve to toddlers ?

And more important thing , the food must be very healthy .

It should include nutrients because at this phase babies are already going through their teething experience. So to reduce the risk of health issues we should give healthy diet to Toddlers so that they easily pass their teething phase .

Well , i personally use few recipes that really help out my baby during teething.

It’s always better to give small meals to toddlers , as due to teething they are irritated and avoid eating .

So the , food must include puréed so that it don’t hurt gums .

Food recipes for toddlers 👼🏻

👉🏻apple purée : apple 🍎 purée is really great for your toddlers as it’s help in boost the baby’s immune system and digestive system too .

So for making this purée you need :

👌an red apple that is raw and always go for organic fruits for baby .

👌now just peel off apple and stream it .

👌when apple become soft then grind into a healthy purée .

👌 now , lets it get cool and serve you baby 👶.

👉🏻daliya /gruel :

👌take one tablespoon of grind grain (Daliya)and mix one tablespoon of green gram .

👌now boil the mixture with one glass of water .

👌 boil it until it becomes softer .

👌now mash it into a purée and cool it .

👌 now serve it to your baby

I hope you guys like and your baby too👶


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