Friendship day

Hello friends , i hope you all enjoying your holiday.

Firstly, a very happy friendship day to all my friends from every phase of my life .

It’s not been so full of life and joyful my journey without your company and support.

Well , in friendship all days are special to be celebrated but still this first Sunday of august is celebrated as the “friendship day”.

On this day , a special band and gift is mostly exchanged by friends to give some precious memories.

Well , friendship is only the purest relation that someone decide to go along for an eternal journey of life without personal benefit.

I know , we have a wide range of friends that show different colours on different times😆.

But those who are colourless , are only one you should go for , as they don’t change their mind and nature upto the situation and need.

I am really thankful to god that i have gemstones in my life who may not daily talk to me but still they figure out my concern without knowing.

Their concern and true friendship means a lot to me , as their strong faith and motivation always give me positivity towards my life.

And , from my depth of my heart , i feel same for them.

I will be there for them whenever they need , i will definitely stop them if i found them wrong and definitely i will fight with them to correct them.

My friendship is about to be with them to grow , show trust and full fill their life with an art of living good life with good thoughts.

I know , talking great thoughts is easy , rather than approaching them .

But once you apply them , they will become part of your conscience.

So , feel happy to be with your friends , make them happy too.

Tell them how , important they are in their life , it will boost their happiness and your friendship too.

Because , it’s great day to show your love .

But , choose real gems , they may or may not shine every time but they always make you feel better and positive.

So , go for more friends today 🙏

Once again happy friendship day to all my blogging community too , thank you for support and motivation 🙏

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