A bestie…….

Hello 👋 friends , i hope and pray that you all doing great of yourselves.

Well , today we will talk about a person to whom you can call your bestie , lifesaver, mind reader or you can say someone who can listen your all chattering unconditionally and without judgment.

And i am really glad to tell you that i have my bestie in my life who can relate my relationships, my dreams,my attitude and sometimes my funny drama too.

Sometimes , i think its a necessity to have a bestie to whom you can speak heart out and to whom you can feel trust that either whole world is against you but the bestie stand behinds you and say ,”don’t worry , i can understand “.

These are the only words that make you feel determinant that yes you are right.

Its blessings to have a bestie but you should also become bestie for you love ones .

Because every time people don’t need your advise , statement and judgments.

Sometimes all you need is the person to whom you can urge your thoughts problems etc.

Best thing to have in life is a bestie,

“who can change your day ,

Who can change your mind,

Who can recovers your exertion,

Who can give you new direction,

Who can console your wounds,

Who can read you unseen thoughts,

Who can listen to you”

I am blessed to have that “who ” in my life and hope you find yours ” who”.😊😊

And most important thing I wanted to convey through this that be the ” bestie ” for someone.people needs you as you need them…..

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Be down to earth ……its unconditional peace ✌🏾

Hello friends , i hope you all doing great in your life.today i am gonna talk about a beautiful thoughts regarding human nature. Today every individual is so confident, career obsessed, straight forward regarding everything either its life , relationships or something else.

According to me it’s absolutely okay to be clear towards your goal but still sometimes we all become selfish towards others for our benefit.

There should be some sort of down to earth ness towards the things that surrounds us it can be human , nature , animals etc.we should not take benefit of others .

Whatever we got its just the consequences of our karma so , we should believe in our hard work rather than blaming others or harming someone else for you failure.

Never keep the wrong thoughts in your mind , because everything happen due to some reason so we shouldn’t judge it according to our perception.

When you find someone more frustrated and angry that shows that person needs your concern and care .

So at that moment you should give your support rather then boycotting that person.

“Its easy to give what you got from others rather than giving forgiveness”

Its good to show a kind side of your personality towards everything … it gives you peace ,, a happy heart that knows that you are doing right.

We should always learn to forgive the people those love us and even listen to us.. in this busy word we dnt have someone who can listen us , so always value those who show concern 😊😊😊

Lets talk to stars 🌟

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great in your journey of life.

Isn’t interesting the journey of human ?

It begins with an unwitting baby to a old versed person ….with a deep experience.

I always get curious when i stuck with topic of life journey , like people take birth then death , a kind if series going on .

Today i really missing my grandma 👵 who passed away before 10 years .

“I missed her warm smile and dark brown eyes who always look sparkling.”

“I missed her lap where i put my head and the way she titillate my hair”.

“I missed her kindness that she shows to everyone.”

Everything related to her is just something savoury for me.

I still remember , how she use to keep waiting for me to come from school.then ask about my whole day.

During my teenage phase she stands like pillar for me.

Her determined thoughts give me urge to write these posts.

and the greatest thing about her is pure heart with so much love and affection for everyone.

One lesson i got from her journey is that good souls lived for forever and eternity in hearts of people.

I really can relate to the joy in her eyes by making others happy.

I really wanted to be like her ,may be not much successful but an indulgent person . My granny told me that ,

“Sometimes , may be we are not able to do anything for others but by not doing negative too we can help people “

Because , now people are more influenced by words rather than work so i will try too.😊

And I totally agree with her ..

One more thing , she use to tell in her stories that , when your love ones leaved you for forever then they became stars.

According to her , the people who loves you always search a way to be with you .

So becoming a star is also like that , that you can watch and show your emotions.

Sometimes , i too stare at stars and try to recognise her , then feel the most shiny one is her because that’s what i see in her eyes 🌟.

She will always be my favourite forever 😘.

Your loving



Hello! Friends how you all are doing, i hope you all are doing great..

So , today lets talk about misunderstanding.

In dictionary it means , misunderstanding is failure to understand things correctly.

Well , this word is all about in which our relationship deal out.

It’s a very simple words , but it is the one who get involved everyone’s life.

Wether it’s home, organisations, enterprise etc; the things got complicated due to these misunderstanding.

Sometimes , i found it a mystery that how unsaid and said things things can do lots of drama 🤣.

In my personal life as well , sometimes it creates lots of scenes.

As , am a emotional girl , so just a single misunderstanding makes a lot of destruction to my emotions 😔.

And when it got disclosed,, I laughed out that how a single statement make me judge my love ones so instantly.

Well, as we all are human its in our nature to give reactions on the basis of reflected Statements and actions.

Misunderstanding can be arise anywhere and with anyone.

It leads to unnecessary misconceptions and complications in our life.

I still remember one incidence from my college days , that how one of my best friend got disheartened.

Just on the basis of false assumption.

But , we talk about it and get it clear out soon , and still share that forever friendship bond.

So , talking and ravelling diminishes the consequences of misunderstanding.

So , friends don’t stick to misunderstanding , as it will only leads to destroying your valuable relationship.

So be happy and be a resolver😊

Criticism…. an art to upgrade you …..

Hello friends! I hope you all are doing great in your life .

Friends mostly in our daily life , we have to think twice to do new things or i say we hesitate to accept the new challenges of our life because of the fear of criticism .

What does it mean for you?

Well for me , criticism is an art to identify the loopholes and drawbacks of anything.

Its upto how you take it .

But most important thing is , whose criticism is affecting you ?

Well , world is full of people , even we ourself are surrounded by people , who accompany us , help us and sometimes criticise too.

But as i say , take criticism in a positive manner and pickup it wisely , as if you are criticise by your teacher for not giving your best , then hold on it , and give your best .

This criticism should be taken into positive way . As it enhances your skills and full you more determined towards your goals.

But , when someone may criticise you for your any unnecessary reasons it should be ignored.

Like , as i like writing my thoughts so choose to write them for others through my blog .

So here , few people always there to criticise like it will not worth, it will take too much time etc .

But its upto me , how i am taking them, be frank i am taking all of them too positively as , these criticism give me reasons to never stop and constant learning towards my goal.

Never get emotional stuck to criticism , as it’s somebody else’s perception , that can be worth less for you.

Let the person be what they are , its upto what you wanna learn and take from that thing.

I hope 🤞 and believe in future you may not think twice just because of peoples criticism.

Why only girls have to leave their house to make their new world……

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great in your life.

Well this the question that every single use to ask and think a lots of time , that why only girl , why not boys leave their houses?

So , frankly speaking even myself ask this question lots of time but no answer found , but again yesterday one of my best friend ask me to reply this question , i really don’t know the words and statement to justify that , that girls should leave their houses..

Well , i think this is the empowerment and courage of women’s that allowed them to go and accept the challenge of life to makes someone ‘s life more beautiful.

I think the willingness to spread love and happiness that allows women to go ahead in their life.

Only women’s can accept, and make that special bond with other people that they fonds her journey .

It’s a women who not only come and enrich your house into a home without expressing.

So , i feel it’s women’s own stability , power and courageous spirit that allows them to leave their house with new worlds .

I hope , you got my point .

Religious taboo …..

Hello friends! Hope you guys are doing great things in your life .

So today the topic i choose is religious taboo. Basically our country is place where thousands of gods and goddesses are worshiped . Here mornings are starts with hearing temple bells and masjids .

Mostly people are religious and particular about their religious and culture .

And , they can do anything just on sake the name of god.

My question is ‘did god came to you and say do these things for me?

I am personally a religious person and i trust the term god , I believe that yes there is some positive energy that helps us to do good things and that gives us strength to sustain in this worlds .

As we commonly listen that prays works so , i hope so there is someone who is watching us , who help us to deal with every situation.

So , take this thing in a clear positive way , don’t make it a conclusion to follow all rituals .

Nowadays many people are misusing the people’s thoughts for religion. On just religious names people creating conflicts in society , and people like thugs saints cleverly taking money from innocent people on the names of god , i think inspite of giving like this , we should feed the hungry poor people .

God always wanted peace , and still mostly people fights on their names only.

I was shocked to know that , on 1 june in burrai delhi , eleven people attempt suicide by assuming that , god will save them .

Oh my god! How one could think things like that , mostly people are misguided now on the name religious rituals.

So , lets make religious taboo into a simple peaceful way so that we can spread love , sympathy , kindness,and equality in this world rather than , illusionary world and unnecessary and disguise rituals.

So here are few things i think we should adopt if you feel them right are like :

  • worship your god with pure heart .
  • Believe in humanity and equality in this world firstly .
  • Never fight and argue on gods name .
  • Helping others are ways to worship god as you got blessings.
  • Never get influenced to do wrong things on gods names , as god never want to hurt anyone .

Hope you guys follow few things .

Thank you god for this life ….