How to take care of baby during cold and cough….

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great in your life .

Now , the weather take turn from burning summer to rainy 🌧 days , and due to this weather change lots of virus and infection are capturing people and kids .

Basic , reason to get infection is due to poor immune system and it’s really miserable to watch the kids suffer through sickness.

My daughter 3year old has cold and she’s sneezing and coughing and has stopped eating everything.for me it’s becoming very miserable to watch her like that so i try my best to make her feel better.

So , firstly there are few tips that you should take during the change in weather:

👉🏻always asks your kid to wash their hands properly and you yourself should wash your hand before doing something for them .

👉🏻vaccines your kid regularly.

👉🏻don’t give cold water to your kids , inspite of that give boiled water .

👉🏻apply mosquito repellents or cream when the kids go out.

👉🏻 add more fruits and soups to their meal.

👉🏻make the rooms temperature stable.

But now , if still your kid becomes sick , may be due poor immune system .

Kids with poor immune system are get sick more frequently as bacteria and viruses attack them mostly.

So now , here are some more tips that should be taken when your kid is suffering from cold and cough :

👉🏻 always use saline drops during cold as it softened the muscus and get it clear .

👉🏻for infants (breastfeed) is the most beneficial cure.

👉🏻set the room temperature at air humidifier so that it soothe the nose.

👉🏻increase the fluid .

👉🏻for cough , honey works wonders (you can give honey inspite of syrup)

👉🏻rub Vicks vapour on kids foot and chest , as it heal the congestion.

👉🏻keep your kids head high , by putting pillows underneath , so that it became comfortable for kid to breathe.

👉🏻keep tracking temperature 🤒 too .and if you found temperature more than 100.4*c thing consult child specialist.

👉🏻during cold avoid dairy products.

👉🏻soothes your baby and cuddle them.

Basically cold is sustain for 5-6 days , and even it doesn’t get cured then you should consult the doctor for better help.


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