Sometimes ,,,,,,,, just be rebellious ……

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great in your life . So , it’s Sunday , for all working people a rest day , but i think for all housewife it’s more hectic day as children’s all day activities don’t take break and even husbands demand ‘s something new in lunch 🥗.

Well , it’s a joy of every women to serve and feed to our family.

Wether its about house care , cooking , kids education , husband and kids care , other family members concern from every little things to each and every big concern , a women always there for every thing .

But , still after doing restless home jobs there is approximately more than 50 Percent women are going through from various social abuses.

And mostly cases are of domestic violence.

After giving unconditional love and care what they actually get in return is ” crown of jobless ” and physical or emotional torture by their loved ones only.

Inspite being hurtful and disheartened , women keeps their self respect apart and just to save her relationships go through all of abuses.

But thing that i found really worst is that sometimes a women ‘ family don’t resist for her , and even the family women avoid these situations because according to them its happen normally , if someone struggling to overcome these violations , then family and relatives pull their supports back , and sometimes due to lack of support victims learn to live their life like that only.

So , now just “wakeup women ” , there is nobody else who can help you to move out from all of this society trauma until you yourself defend your conscience .

Be rebellious , to every thing that you don’t deserve .

I know its not easy to get out of these society abuses , as you are emotional involved with family and your concern is about your kids , but remaining silent is not working as you are preaching your kids same agenda of living .

Imagine , what questions are used to arise in a daughter’ s mind when she watch her mother facing all domestic violences , how she use to belong her future .

She will also definitely learning how to remain silent because her mother also faces the same situation and best action taken was to be ” silent “.

Please , be generous to yourself and your kids .

Learn to say no more violence .

Your step to rebel can become inspirational for other women who are facing same violence issues .

  • Here are some tips to follow when you face this :
  1. Never give up your self respect , be particular about it .
  2. Talk to your family about your situation.
  3. There is women protection act of 2005 , you can use that to get rid of your situation .
  4. There are also lots of NGO who are working for the protesting domestic violence .
  5. Be strong to your decision , police play a vital role in interpreting your case .

Be rebellious towards everything that had an adverse effect on your life .I hope , you all understand my point .Please everyone who is reading this , be helpful to all those women who needs your support .Thank you 🙏


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