Acceptance of the behaviour of two year naughty kid …..

Hello friends , i hope you all are doing great with your little lifelines and big one too😊.

As , being a mother is such an awful moment at the same point it is very complicated or you can say very hectic situation where you daily have to deal with unpredictable instances.

Every children is unique by their own attitudes, behaviour and nature .

Some are polite , and some are less active and few are extra active.

So , after having two kids , its not easy to handle both kids and specially when the younger one is damn naughty and he try to copy everything about everyone at home , he try to visit kitchen , he try to clean house and water 💦, god ! he is fond of rain and water , he can spend whole day with playing water , so i have to be damn alert to check that every resource of water is not available to him.

There are thousands stories , that are about his naughtiness.

But, being naughty is nothing to worry and wrong about it.

But being naughty is all about a curious and adventurous baby , who need your 24*7 attention because their naughtiness can be anything , it may harmful for them as , at 2 they are not able to understand good and bad .

So , the best thing is to give them their own space where they can explore their own way to do their self activity.

Naughty kids are more sharp , grab things easily so it’s better to give them directions not boundaries.

A two year kid is not able to understand the consequences if their actions , they are so active that they get attracted for everything that they watch near by there .

So , don’t panic and shout around them , it will give them bad temper .

Here are few tips to tackle their naughty behaviour :

👉🏻naughty ones are grabbers so give them better views to watch so that they don’t grab negative things.

👉🏻Don’t panic and stress your mood by their activities as they are too young to understand your situation.

👉🏻give them an open space with their favourite things to explore new games.

👉🏻don’t shout over them , as it may lead to affect their innocence.

👉🏻 don’t bound them , as you are stopping them to be creative.

👉🏻 feel happy and lucky to be with them give your love and concern.

👉🏻try to communicate with them and tell about does and don’t.

👉🏻dear husbands and family be supportive 😊.

So friends be calm and chill , I myself handling my naughty one , who make my day fly and give me a unstoppable walk .

Sometimes , I myself feel annoyed and tired , its become headache to handle him but after few minutes all thoughts and stress also fly away by his cute smile 😊.

Be thankful to god who gave us an extraordinarily active kid to boost our life with all new experiences.Feel the joy of their naughtiness.

Be patient , they will be grow with time just give them proper directions .

Observe them regularly , because they need extra attention.So friends love them and be caring .I hope it will work for you .

Thank you for reading 🙏.

Source : Self practice and from different blog sources.

Image: mynaughty boy


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