Motherhood … a journey

Hello friends, i hope you all are doing great in your life .As i informed you yesterday that now my niche is regarding parenting , so lets start sharing my motherhood journey with you all .

Firstly, i want to thank god for making a such a special gift for everyone thats called “mom “.

Now , after becoming a mother , i realised how a mothers journey goes . Really want to thank you mom for everything , she has done a phenomenal job 👍 in all phases of my life and even now i am experiencing my motherhood journey with her and my mother in law ‘s advises.

I am blessed to be a mother , as i think mothers are the creator , motivational and are pioneers of everything .

Well , now coming to my experience, i am the mother of two kids .

Amaira and Nikunj , my little munchkins , my lifelines or i can say they are my everything , as every mothers feel.

Amaira is the elder one ( my daughter) and Nikunj is younger (my son).

Both the kids are totally different by their nature , while amaira is very shy , decent and particular, on the other hand Nikunj is totally opposite he is very naughty .

Like , every mother think , that their kids are only different and unique in making tantrum i also feel exactly that😂.

I am little protective and caring towards my kids and i thinks its the requirement of this generation kids , as they need extra attention, things and now handling their demands becoming more tricky.

My daughter (3yr) , is very choosy and particular in everything as she want to done things with perfection , so when ever she got stuck on something her melody drama starts, so making her understand that “thats okay , it will happen in next attempt “is too complicated .

So , i always try to manipulate her , that don’t worry.

Now , she is getting things and with my best effort I definitely make her realise that practice make her perfect .

And now coming to Nikunj , he is most super active kid , he is just 1.5 year , and keep trying all stunts 😂.

He can play cricket with my all kitchen utensils, and i hope on day he will become next Milkha Singh of india , as he keeps on running whole day , i get tired by following him , very tough to grab him.

But i really love watching his naughty activities , as his name indicates , he is like a naughty krishna , now I understand how difficulty is for mother Yasoda to be mother of krishna .

These two munchkins , make me alive , strong and determined.

I know , raising kids is not a easy job for any mother , as it need patience , strength and will to do everything for our kid .

And its really difficult to manage our parenting as every kid is different and unique so their needs are different , and as the kids grow their understanding and needs also grow , so fulfilling those needs are basically about parenting where you are becoming familiar to kids needs.

Well , i can say that being a mother is a blessing and a mother is one who have the responsibility of the youth of every country , because rather than giving successful person to society , it better to give good human being who values this society .

So , for me parenting is making gems for future , who have humanity towards every aspect.

Thank you everyone for reading this .

Really thankful

Mother of little munchkins

Note: please everyone review this one as i am new to write this phase of mine.

Image:my munchkins 😘


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