Upgrading to a specific niche……

Hello friends, i hope you all are doing great in your journey, friends today i really need your help , as i feel that I should go for a narrow niche for my blog , being a mother of two little munchkins 😊, I thought I should go for parenting .

Because, i am experiences this beautiful phase of my life that ” motherhood “.

Please everyone suggest me , what should i do?


13 thoughts on “Upgrading to a specific niche……

  1. Everyone’s parenting experience is different. It would be great to read of yours. Also, there are surely those interests you have, beyond parenting. Write of one or two of those, at least every so often.


  2. As you say if parenting is your great subject then it is a good idea, all the experts say you need a niche. Personally I would find a niche too restrictive, so I write whatever I like, but good luck and thank you for following me, you have some interesting posts 😀🙏

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