Grab your opportunity on time…….

Hello friends, i hope you all are doing great in your life and grabbing every possible opportunity around you.

We all have various opportunities on different phases and time , that we mostly miss due to little ignorance and sometimes due to our poor attitudes towards new experiences.

We are not able to analyse and identify the right opportunity available for us, as it is a tricky point too to visualise the outcome of the opportunity.

Sometimes easily availability of opportunity is reason that how it can be avail so easily and by ourselves we miss and leave that opportunity.

Friends, don’t skip them, every thing on time is having different value .

Don’t be a quick skipper, think then grab your opportunity.

Even I myself lost various opportunities and for them i still feel regretful that why I let them go so easily.

I still remember one incidence of my high school .

During high school, there was a passage competition on the topic ” what you want to become ?” In a newspaper .

So , due to my writing passion i write a passage with full of passion and determination .

I was really happy with my content.

But , don’t really understand till now , that i just don’t post that passage to the newspaper .

And reason was because i felt that there will be thousands of another letters would be there for competition then , then how would be able to get select , t missed that opportunity due to my little ignorance and give up attitude.

And worst thing that happens later was , the result declared , the selected passage is exactly the same what i have written , I felt really sad, that why I give up so easily.

Things just not finished there , many more times I missed various opportunities that can Be life changer decision of my life but still I believe things happen for goodness.

So , here are few tips to grab your opportunity:

👉🏻be positive towards the new things coming to your way.

👉🏻think twice before giving up.

👉🏻 never bring never word in your mind .

👉🏻 believe yourself and determined.

👉🏻be attentive to avail the opportunity.

👉🏻visualise and analyse things.

These are various tips to grab your opportunity , i hope they will work for you .

Finally in my own life i have grabbed various opportunities and due to them I am full filling my fantasy world.


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