Love is all about ……..

Hello 👋 everyone, i hope you all are feeling loved.

yes ! you all grab it right that today’s topic is about love.

I think every single person have their own definition of love.

To express in terms of words its really difficult to convey what we actually feel.

In , our life love is something that revolves around us and that make us thousands reactions to react.

Like , when you are teenager , love makes you curious and anxious, in this phase you can smile without reason and at same point you can feel distressed.

Things are like flowing and everything you start relating to famous love stories 😊.

Best part of this phase is love is pure and unconditional.

A flower can do wonders in someone’s heart and a smile in response to that flower can bring heart attack😜.

Love is something that have a gravitational power , as through this life , situation and even sometimes people changes too .

Teenage love tales are mostly the cutest and full of innocent feelings.

Then , after teenage a mature phase came when , people become little mature regarding love too .

I feel it literally complicated 🤔, as in this phase things are not like before .

Love is there but still people are surrounded by lot of other things too like family , friends, career and mostly faced problems is about commitments.

Nowadays, mostly loves tales are about breakup and patch up , ditch or dump.

Its not like that every story is same but still mostly are going to these complications.

Exceptional stories are also their where love and trust is there .

I think there is no single relationship where is no problem , but its upto you that how you clear the ambiguities and make strong bonds.

So there are few tips to build your relation strong:

  • Do not compare your relationships with others , as everyone is unique in there own way.
  • Never bring negativity for your love .
  • Don’t expect things let them come by their own genre.
  • Always think positive things about your partner thats make you fall in love with them.
  • Show your love and concern.
  • Attention is all about in love , rather than dinner , gift , surprise.
  • Don’t panic on little things.
  • Appreciate their efforts.
  • Believe in quality time , don’t urge for quantity time.

Love is not about a fantasy, make it realistic and believe in giving your best to someone special that feel exactly same for you.

Be loyal and caring are two qualities that are basic to have in any relations.

So guys, i think i flowed with the thoughts of love😂.


22 thoughts on “Love is all about ……..

  1. Beautiful blog I loves at the age of 5 it was one year love story after that our school become separate and till now I’m single and it’s too difficult to approach anyone I love to spend my time with kids coz it makes me happy and lit her picture and her feel in my heart .❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Yes to all this. I just commented, on another site, about love being unrequited sometimes and that I have been pursued by those to whom I am not romantically drawn and vice versa. All in all, life ends up more or less balanced, in that way.

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