Fear of failure

Holla friends, how you all are doing , i hope that you all are doing best of yourselves.

Yesterday , i was with my daughter and asking her to study . The many times i ask her to study she ignored me , then finally i just make her sit with me and give her homework to be done .

She starts doing it by herself, then she start crying and ask me to stop her cousin to not do the homework first .

Just because she don’t want to lose ,she wanted to slow down her cousin , she is just 3 year old , at this age only she fear from losing small things.

Then , I politely had a conversation with her that , losing is not always a bad idea , it may help you in doing great in your next attempt. But she doesn’t understand my point as she is too young to understand that enough but then i realise its not just about her , there are lot of people who goes through this fear throughout there life.

Even amaira (my daughter )should not feel that fear, As failure is not always prove your defeat , sometimes it gives you lesson to stand again and fight with your fear.

Well for me , failure is not an impact of someone’s lapses and flaws.

It’s about not giving your 💯 percent.

Mostly, we ourselves quit and hold things just forsake of bust up.

The real meaning of failure is giving up things rather then taking them in a positive Competition.

I myself in my life , leaves things just because of fear of losing things .

But battling this fear is victory.

So here are some tips that may help you guys to overcome this fear of failure:

👉🏻acceptance of thoughts that failure is a part of the process of failure.

👉🏻let out your frustration into good deeds.

👉🏻be brutally honest to yourself , and believe in improvising things.

👉🏻stop ruminating the failure.

👉🏻addressees your mistake during the process.

👉🏻change the approach in next process.

As, we all no that failure is inevitable in life , so don’t stuck just to it , overcome from these challenges and make them advantageous to our success.

Well, one great thing about failure is ” the more successful people are the one who once failed most 🤔.

So be positive and believe in doing things Continuously with determination.


15 thoughts on “Fear of failure

  1. Beautiful writeup & amazed to see how children are losing cuteness of childhood in this competative world however failures are the oppurtunity to learn over the mistakes in order to achieve success provided one is willing to achieve it.😇

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