Father’s day special

Hello friends , a very happy fathers day to all the fathers .

I loved that a special day is announced for making some efforts to show how special and important role they play in our life.

Father is one who never show , but who bear all problems outside your vision.

He is one who always make sure that you get everything on time , without showing a single sign of stress they going through.

They always concern more ,, arrange everything on every occasion wether its your birthday , marriage , etc.

Father’s are sunshine

Who give you stability in your life,

They are like thunder

Who always do wonder in your life,

Their love has no limit

So lets confess your guilt to them ,

Their presence fade away the black clouds

And give you day with rainbow.

Father’s are like god blessing from the godfather 😇

Today , even i want to thank god for giving me such a wonderful father and uncle who is more than anything else in my life😘. My father is my love and my uncle (to whom i called papa too) is my lifeline . Both are so good that my words cant express my emotions for you .

One is preacher for me and second is guider .

Thank you father , for staying with me in all phases , when i was little girl to now a strong mother .

You always take the best decision for my life .. you guys are true and real examples of a good father . You taught me all good thing , and make me understand the difference between goid and negative things 🙂.

Love you papa beyond universe😘


Father’s Day specials

Hello friends, a very special day to all fathers.

Basically , every day is special for every one . But by giving a special name to the day .

So today , its a day for all the fathers , who give love and support .

Today , i want to thank god for giving me such an adorable father , And uncle who is more than anything in my life.

My fathers are my inspiration for life strength.

They give so much love and good thoughts for my life .

Holiday home work 😜

Hello friends , today I am little worried as I haven’t completed my daughters holiday homework.

My daughter is 3year old and went to pri nursery class. And she got holiday homework too 🧐 . I really don’t know is she understands the meaning of homework actually.

Whenever i ask her to do , mostly her reply came “mama muje yeh nae woh karna hai” .

She didn’t want to do anything that are given to her ,, she want to study at her own way .

She is fond of new books and colours..

Now, am feeling that inspite of her , i got holiday homework to do 😖.

I think school should give a proper break to children ,,, rather thn giving lots of homework work which is basically for parents 😝.

So , dear schools please be calm and lets this holiday break just be a break only rather thn headce . That how she give mothers day speech 😍

Let me mean this time !!

Hey ! Friend i really want to know if there is something wrong if i ask for change.

  • I love to think beyond any boundary then why always people there to struck those thought.
  • I want to be a just a human and adapt it as my religion @ “humanity” then still people teaches different religions pathways.
  • I want to roam all day and night but why people tell me its not good and safe .
  • I don’t want to pretend good all the time.
  • Let me have my choice , my opinion , my views .

    • Yes , i love all my people that are with me , but some times i want to do things for my sake and for my satisfaction as this is only one life …. i dnt want to regret in future that I wasted my whole life as a fake personality 😂 .

      So be yourself ,,, not its not bad to be mean sometimes 😊

      Give wings to your dream and fly away

      Deep thoughts in mind ,

      Give me strength to fly.

      I flaunt my emotion ,

      That spell my devotion.

      Feeling that scares me mostly,

      Now , they forget my name.

      I willingly expressed my passion,

      To attain my determination.

      Today i will fly,

      And get all what i desire.

      These phases expressed my heart louder, to tell that i will never gonna see backward as i am borne to grow , raise , appreciate 😊

      Hot summer day without light and water🤯

      During the 1995 , the. Summer was not so harsh and rude. But now in 2018 , summer should changes its name to boiler season🤣. Yesterday the light got some electric issues and take a nap of 24 hours.

      Oh my god , those hours 😖, due to light , water is also take a break .. temperature 40 + and air forget to blow💔.

      Its was seem like i am living in a desert where there is only thing found is hot wind , humidity.

      And there is nothing like that am too weak to deal with it all ,, i can as i spend my lot of summer vaccination like that only in 1990s, but now things got changed .

      But now kids have adapted AC , they cant tolerate this heat of summer.. my 2 year boy was unable to sleep ,, al he want is water all the time .

      Now, i am thinking if we cant spend a single day without light ,, then is its dependency on light.

      I think we should have the habit to sustain in every condition .. and same habit we should gave to our kids .

      Hideous beauty……

      Today ,, everything is all about beauty .

      It’s a era where everyone want to look good , want to be admired.

      First impression that comes out from everyone is from attractive outside beauty.

      Mostly it happens with everybody where we say awwh ! “he is so cute ,, she is beautiful ” its normal too as one glimpse of person gives these perceptions only.

      But , now after 27 years of my life i realise what beauty means to me.

      Beauty is hideous thing that we search from peoples outside persona.

      For me , beauty is in your eyes when you see things .

      Beauty is all about good heart ❣, where you have kindness for everyone , where you always have forgiveness .

      Beauty is in everything that god has created , it can b seen from hideous beauty of your eyes.

      We all know that nothing is permanent in this world , as time passes everything change but still we run for all illusions .

      Its take lot of time to recognise your hideous beauty …but as you grab it ,, you can reframe your confidence and your life with winning colour of happiness and success 🌈👍