What’s my fault?

What’s my fault these are the words that came out from rape victims. Again , a 7 year old girl is brutally rapped in madosar .

This news became so usual, daily newspapers are full of all these rape and molestation cases.

Nirbhya , asifa list is increasing of these brutality cases.

Why humanity loosing its root , why today’s man himself became the animal.

What is fault of the innocent girl , because she is a girl ? Now going to school is also a crime. Where should we hide our daughters so that we can save them , as not a single place can be called safe .

These cases makes me shattered , as i am also a mother of a girl , did i do something wrong to give birth to a girl .

Really can’t imagine from what state of mind the victims gone through .

It seems there is no fear in people about laws , hanging became a easy way to get out from this life for them .

Everything get failed , in front of these crucial people , who are so shameless that they even can’t feel the innocence of a child .

This type of inhumanity ruins the freedom of girls because parents are scared of all these situations and that’s obivious even myself feel unsafe for my kids .

Culprit should not only hanged but should be brutally tortured the way he done .

Not only government , but we ourselves have to be careful about ourselves and our kids.

Self defence should be a mandatory subject in school , we ourselves should learn karate and always carry chilli spray when you move outside.

Be careful and never giveup .


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