Holidays going to be over….

Hello friends its 29 june , so holidays are going to be end from tomorrow. Again morning alarm, early wakeup and school preparation 😂. I really enjoyed holidays , after being a mother atleast less worries were there like no daily homework , no school buzz , relaxation was there .

I think more than my daughter i feel worried about schools reopening.

In my childhood , i use to get happier when school get opened after holidays but now , as a parent i am panicking 🤣.

Again same schedule , i think not just my daughter following the school but parents have too follow.

All visitors , who visited our house have gone today , house became empty , feeling sad 😔. Why it happens that we got connected too much with people that when they leave it hurts us badly.

Inspite being in our house only , some kind of dullness is here.

Someone’s saying is true that ” house is not about bricks and stone its all about people who live”.

Miss you all guys , hope to see you all next year in holidays 😊


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