Hello friends , like in everybody’s life a time came which we don’t want to expect and experience that is failure .

For every single person failure word may be vary . Different people have different definitions of it as per their personal experiences.

For me , failure is a step to analyse in what we lack and an opportunity to thing in a far better way by learning from a failed experience.

Failure is nothing , it’s our illusion that disguised our determination.

There is no situation that can be handled perfectly in a trial , so if you lost your trial that doesn’t claim you failure …..

Failure is when you don’t stand up again and again and complete your goals.

“It’s better that you forget the word failure “

Fews tips to overcome from failure fevers

  • Do thing of your interest that keeps you happy in work.
  • Apply never give up policy.
  • Share your thoughts and experience with your love ones and supporters.
  • Always take critics in a valuable lesson.
  • Practice makes a man perfect , so don’t feel bad , keep doing thing again and again.
  • It’s all about you , so don’t get emotional with others judgments.
  • Read inspirational stories of survivals.

Nobody knows how to deal with your life, so don’t panic about what others will think and say , it’s none of their business.

So guys , be happy and positive towards yourself and remove the word failure , as you can surely survive at lastingly.


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