Yes! You can change ……

Hello friends, i hope you all doing great this summer . Lets take a step forward to change the situation which is unacceptable for us .

Feel free and do the things that give you peace.

Sometimes we ourself imagine that our action may hurt or may not be accepted by our family and society .

But if thing is right then , don’t hesitate be a change.

Life is too short to live , just do the thing that give you happiness .

Nobody cannot better understand what you actually want until you don’t express your thoughts .

Believe in yourself and do the things that give you satisfaction , never expect that somehow time will change on someday .

Time is most frequent unstable thing , and it never repeat , so never thought that things will change themselves .

Choose your career according to your interest rather than any biased decision.

You can’t do things excellent if you aren’t interested to do that thing.

A change can give you passion to attain your goal.

So don’t follow the sheep .

Yes, you have to be the change.


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