Is something wrong with me …..

Hello friends, on someone special advise today I would to talk about why women have to suffer most of the time .

In each corner of the earth , a kind obligation is given to deal with every problem.

People never want to see the vision of women’s points of view.

In each and every situation , consequences mostly bear by women .

” In our country , if girl take birth , then an awwh full reaction came out from everyone “.

Their reaction sounds like , baby is asking , “is something wrong with me ?”

Reaction of people are in different form , some like ” ohh ! Its really sad , don’t worry may god bless you next time “.

Few like , ” oh god , what kind of revenue you taking from us ?

These insane talks tortured the mother , who is even able to feel that motherhood moment of her.

Mother is also criticised for giving birth to a girl . Is it in her hand ?

Why she has to bear all insane things?

Thing not get over here only , girls always advised to learn the values , morals , house work to get trained and do their perfect jobs after marriage .

As time passes , then the things regarding their puberty start.

Don’t do that , don’t go there ,don’t wear this , don’t and does start in their life.

From every angle , fingers are pointing toward them . In a single second , lot of conclusions can b made on her character.

In mostly cases even they are not getting enough time to do something for their self esteem.

Parents main aim for their daughter is to get married on time .

Just let her go to her house on time otherwise , again stories will began like , “is something cooking ?”,blah blah every mouth bring out something negative with their perception only , never thought how their words swore someones heart.

Even after getting married , thing never changed . Now again a hectic journeys start for few with dowry , for colour etc.

Then, her work is analysed , her nature got judged , like in school happens , you have to score good marks in every subjects , here will be same procedure you have to perform good in every roll wether its wife , mother , daughter in law , etc.

Becoming a mother isn’t a easy way , but more difficult give best morals to kids.

Every single job is incomplete without the presence of women but still , in every women’s mind the point is raised ” is something wrong with me ?”

Please treat your daughters like princess, never make them feel unwanted .

My princess 👑


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