Struggling days…

Hello friends , today lets talk about the experiences one go through from beginning to desired position.

In everybody’s life , there a time period came that change your thinking , situation , temper and lots of things changed during this phase which is called ” struggling phase” .

This phase is really a tough time , and in this period we mostly loose hopes , and give up to our goals .

And , sometimes it became more crucial when , financially as well as emotionally You have to go through this .

Its true that when you are at good place , you will be admired and valued but its you are on opposite situation then , you will be neglected in every situation .

I think struggling period is most challenging time for anyone , as this can make you learn how to grow , how to sustain in adverse condition , how to never lost self confidence but for few cases it may ruin your passion .

My personal thought is :” there is a good thing about bad situation is that , now only good thing on gate to come ” because all bad things already done their jobs so now good things have to come.

We all cannot understand , the problem and situation of struggling person going through so we should never judge them , its life so up and downs are its phases.

Always show support and love as it work as Rocket to rock the situation .

Struggling phase :

I look at clock in day and night

To find is time forget to fly ,

Every day makes me insane

When nothing happens on my name,

My soul ask me to do

Those things that are right to do,

People forget to give me smile

When my eyes searches for life .

Be humble , be gentle to everyone in your life because you never know from what condition the person going through .

I myself going through a struggling life in search of my recognition . Its a long way to go , mine time is not so rude as my love ones are here to support me .


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