How to have a strong marriage

Hello friends, today we all are going through many ups and down of relationships.

I am also a married woman , and having a beautiful journey of 5 years with two cuties .

Every day is not same , so we cannot expect same nature from human too .

Everyone has mood swing , problems that affect our nature . So , inspite of blaming each other it’s good that you understand the situation of the person .

Sometimes , we hurt those people most who we loved most.

Nowadays, marriages and relationships are not sustaining as earlier use to , and the reason behind is your ego sometimes insecurity , lack of efforts , misunderstandings lead to destruction of relationships .

I feel , how we can imagine to get apart from that person to whom we often called lifeline.

I am not saying , that we have to stick with relationships , wether they are getting worse , i just want to try to help those relationships that can sustain and become long lasting by eliminating unnecessary misunderstandings and mistakes .

And , one more thing is never in abusive relationships .

So , here are few things you can do to save your relationships and establish them for forever love 💕 .

  • Never compare your relationships with others , as everyone has different nature and behaviour to take the things.
  • Never criticised your partner for their failures , as they can bear world taunt but not from loved ones .
  • Be caring to each others , because caring nature works as essence of relationship.
  • When things are not going right then keep calm and give time for realisation.
  • Always express your love .
  • Never feel underestimated , by taking initial step to solve the problem.
  • Support each other in every situation .
  • Never give up , so stop doing thing that you use to do normally .
  • Never go to sleep without resolving your problems.
  • Give space , loyalty is in your hand 🤚🏿.
  • Feels blessed to have each other.

These are few thing that may help you 😊 . Be happy and make sure that your love ones have same happiness on their faces too .


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